All Diricawl den locations in Hogwarts Legacy map

Of all the fantastic beasts in the Wizarding World, Diricawl are among some of the funniest. With a goofy flightless bird look and a lot of similarities to the real-world Dodo bird, some gamers will be surprised that they can be among some of the more difficult species to tame in the game. So here are all the locations where you can find the Diricawl in Hogwarts Legacy and how to collect them.

Describing All the Diricawl Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

When looking for any mythical tamable beast in the game, players will first need to complete the first assignment from Professor Howin to properly continue in the Beast Class. Once this is taken care of and you have the nab-sack, you can begin to look for and catch Diricawl.

To find a nesting location for beasts, including Diricawl, you will want to access your map and look for any markings that have a paw print. These indicate both where and the type of beast den at that location, and for Diricawl, keep in mind it will be a small webbed foot icon.

The best location to catch your first Diricawl is a den that’s located relatively close to your base of operations at Hogwarts Castle, though the marker for the den can be tough to spot among all the other quest symbols surrounding it. To find this Diricawl den, you’ll want to venture south, near the Keenbridge Floo Flame location. From here you will head northwest towards a series of hills. You should spot some Diricawl waddling around and ready to be caught.

All Diricawl den locations in Hogwarts Legacy map

There are three additional Diricawl den locations in the South of the map, the first being on the southwestern beach of the Poidsear Coast. The second can be found at the southern point of the Marunweem Lake, and the final den is located in the Clagmar Coast’s eastern curve.

Despite their dodo appearance, taming a Diricawl can be a bit tricky due to their finicky four reset bars often resetting the player back to step one of the process. To make the most of your chances at taming a Diricawl, it’s best to try using the Disillusionment spell to up your stealth and get in closer. Once in range, use the Levioso spell on a flock of the Diricawl and take out the nab-sack immediately. This will give you enough time to catch one of the Diricawl before they’re able to scuttle away.

That’s all that you need to know about Diricawl locations in Hogwarts Legacy.

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