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Armored Core 6 Easy Mode Mod Finally Gives Players Some Relief

Armored Core 6 Mod Gives Game Easy Mode PC EZ-Core fires of rubicon

If you think Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is too hard, then the game’s easy mode mod might be exactly what you need.

Released on Nexus Mods by developer Vawser, the easier difficulty mode, appropriately titled “EZ-Core,” aims to soften the experience a bit for players who are having a tough time fighting through the title’s waves of relentless foes. After all, everyone should be free to experience developer FromSoftware’s incredible stories and characters, so if it takes an unofficial easy mode to do it, then so be it.

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The Armored Core 6 easy mode mod is actually fairly fleshed out despite the fact that it’s a fan-made difficulty option. For example, instead of simply making enemies weaker and you stronger, EZ-Core reduces Energy Load and Equipment Weight by 50%. The mod also increases the base round count for all weapons by 300%, while also bumping up currency rewards for missions by 200%. Vawser recommends that players who utilize the Armored Core 6 easy mode mod play in offline mode, as online play might result in the user being banned. Otherwise, you should be good to finally enjoy everything the game has to offer at your own pace.

FromSoftware has created some of the most important video games of the last decade. However, the Dark Souls developer’s catalog is notorious for being especially ruthless, and alternate difficulty options have never really been an option for players looking for a slightly more casual experience. The Armored Core series is no exception, as the studio’s latest entry in the series offers no official difficulty slider. Per usual, the modding community has stepped in to rectify the absence of an easy mode, although the mod is, of course, only available on PC.

FromSoftware will likely never add an official Armored Core 6 easy mode, but if it does, you can be sure to read about it here.

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