Assassins Creed Makes For Dangerously Pretty Art Nouveau

It’s probably safe to say that this Assassins Creed fanart looks better than the games do.

The Assassins Creed games have some great artwork, often featuring styles that span roughly a thousand years of history. One technique that has yet to appear in the game, though, is Art Nouveau. Based on this collection of fan art, though, it clearly needs to be.

The artwork is by DeviantArt user S. Strand, who actually has quite a bit of Assassins Creed-themed art on their page (as well as a lot of other stunning pieces). These Nouveau pieces are done in the style of Czech artist Alphonse Mucha and show off all the major characters from the series in a pretty original fashion.

It’s a shame that none of pieces are available for sale; I’d totally order some of these to hang on my wall. That said, maybe Ubisoft will consider contracting with Strand and printing some custom prints to include with the collector’s edition of Assassins Creed 3.

Source: S. Strand via Geeks Are Sexy

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