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Batwoman Season 2 Trailer with New Batwoman Has Landed

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The first trailer for Batwoman season 2 on The CW is here, but it almost feels like the trailer for the first season of a show. That’s because this second season stars a new Batwoman as Javicia Leslie’s Ryan Wilder takes over the cape and cowl after Ruby Rose’s surprise departure from the series. The new trailer shows how the show will be tackling the awkward departure of its lead and building a mystery off of what happened to Kate Kane while Ryan begins creating a new type of hero.

As we can see, this Batwoman has a new look with the stark reds of the costume toned back just a bit. Along with that comes a different mentality to being a hero, with Ryan’s background growing up a victim of injustice in an unjust system. She’s going to be a bit more brutal and “a handful.” It will be interesting to watch the series balance the unfolding mystery of what happened to Kate Kane while basically doing a second season of origin story. Tonally the series seems to be shifting a bit as well.

Batwoman is one of the shows CW is depending on to carry on its Arrowverse as a host of other shows in the DC/CW universe are leaving. Arrow ended this year, and Black Lightning and Supergirl are concluding after their next seasons. However, there’s plenty of new content coming as well with Superman & Lois hitting soon and a host of content coming to HBO Max that may or may not be tied into the Arrowverse. Of course, given The CW show’s ability to easily jump universes, any show can eventually be connected to them.

Batwoman season 2 will premiere on Jan. 17 on The CW.

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