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Best Batman Action Figures For 2024: Our Top 13 Picks

Batman’s enduring legacy in comic books, video games, movies, and television has led to the character having some of the coolest merchandise, particularly action figures. Here are our top 13 picks for the best Batman action figures for 2024.

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13) HiPlay Batman Collectible Figure

HiPlay Batman action figure

This HiPlay Batman action figure is an impressive recreation of Ben Affleck’s version of the character. While Affleck’s Batman didn’t get a lot of time to shine, the character’s design is still cool enough to justify getting this figure. The toy features impressive articulation, accessories, and even an unmasked head sculpt that looks too much like Ben Affleck! Along with several interchangeable hands and even a stand with the Batman v Superman logo included, it’s a great toy for a decent price.

12) McFarlane Toys – Justice Buster (Batman: Endgame) Mega Figure

A Batman Justice Buster Action Figure

The first of a few McFarlane DC action figures that will be on this list is the Justice Buster Mega Figure. The interesting design of this figure comes straight from the final arc of Scott Snyder’s run on Batman titled Endgame. In the story, Joker’s mind controls the entire Justice League to attack the Caped Crusader. Not without his contingencies, Batman equips the Justice Buster: a mechanized suit designed to take down each JL member. It’s a cool figure from a great comic, making it a worthy addition to the collection.

11) Batman Bandai Spirits S.H.Figuarts Action Figure

A The Batman Action Figure

Up next on this list is the S.H.Figuarts action figure based on Matt Reeves’ The Batman film. The action figure, as expected from the Figuarts line of toys, is well-made and has many points of articulation. With this level of detail and multiple accessories (including an emo Robert Pattinson head sculpt), you can recreate almost any scene from the film. This may be one of the best figures on the list for some great dynamic poses.

10) McFarlane Toys – Arkham City B&W Catwoman

A Batman Arkham City Catwoman Action Figure

Batman: Arkham City is often considered one of the best video games of the 2010s. This action figure from the McFarlane line of toys captures the art style of the video game in more ways than one. Besides taking the design of Catwoman from the Arkham games, this action figure is also black and white to reflect the promotional material and cover art of the video game. Catwoman is an iconic Batman character and plays a key role in the games, making for a unique addition to anyone’s action figure collection.

9) DC Multiverse – B&W Batman Action Figure

The Batman Arkham City Action Figure

The perfect companion to the Arkham City Catwoman action figure is this Batman toy from the very same video game series. Also stylized in black and white, this Batman action figure comes complete with bloodied knuckles that stand out against the colorway of the figure (almost exactly like the video game cover). The Batman: Arkham City toy also comes with his signature grappling hook, which is used way more than any other tool in the video game.

8) Medicom Nightwing MAFEX Figure

A Batman Nightwing Action Figure

Nightwing, the original Robin, deserves his own figure for those looking to expand their Batman toy collection. This MAFEX figure might just be the pinnacle of Nightwing figures, and the articulation stays true to the acrobatic nature of the character’s abilities. Moreover, this toy comes with some creative accessories, such as interchangeable hands that give the comic effect of Nightwing twirling his batons and one set attached with string to convey another function of his signature weapons.

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7) McFarlane Toys – DC Multiverse Batman & Spawn Figure 2 Pack

A Batman and Spawn Action Figure Two-Pack

It isn’t McFarlane-related if it doesn’t include Spawn. This action figure two-pack celebrates one of Batman’s many IP crossovers, specifically with the antihero Spawn. The coolest part about this two-pack is that the designs stay true to the comics they come from. Instead of throwing in a generic Spawn or Batman figure, each is meticulously designed to look as if it came straight from the comics the figures are adapting. These figures are perfect for those who love unconventional universe-crossing team-ups.

6) Medicom The Dark Knight Joker MAFEX Figure

Batman The Dark Knight Joker Action Figure

Heath Ledger’s Joker is considered to be the very pinnacle of what a Batman villain on film can be like. This MAFEX action figure is a great recreation of the legendary villain from the Christopher Nolan movie. Like other figures of the same brand, this Dark Knight trilogy Joker figure comes with different facial expressions, multiple weapons, and playing cards that the character uses in the film. Since this is considered one of the best interpretations of the Clown Prince of Crime, it’s a must-have for fans of The Dark Knight or Batman in general.

5) DC Multiverse The Flash Movie – Batman 12″ Scale Statue

A statue of Batman from The Flash

One of the redeeming qualities of 2023’s The Flash movie was its inclusion of Michael Keaton as an older Batman. This statue is for those who are fans of the 1989 Batman movie, featuring Keaton’s Batman in a fighting pose. The figure sports impressive details, showing every plate of armor and capturing Keaton’s likeness to create a captivating statue that would look good in any collection.

4) Bandai Tamashii Nations Ninja Batman Action Figure

A Batman Ninja Action Figure

Batman Ninja is such an aesthetically pleasing animated film, whether you’re a fan of Batman or Japanese animation. Now, the Batman costume design from the film is brought to vivid life with this Tamashii Nations figure. This Batman Ninja action figure comes with multiple swords, knives, and a removable cape to create a magnificent and authentic Batman Ninja collectible.

3) The Flash (2023) Batman (Modern Suit) Dynamic Action Figure

The Flash Batman Action Figure

If the pose from the previous statue didn’t captivate, and you’re looking for something more dynamic involving Michael Keaton’s Batman, this action figure is for you. With 20 points of articulation and standing at 8 inches tall, this figure has impressive levels of detail, such as a fabric cape that helps add to the realism of the figure.

2) Mezco Toyz Batman Gotham by Gaslight Action Figure

A Gotham by Gaslight Batman Action Figure

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight is one of the more popular Elseworlds Batman stories, and this Mezco figure is a testament to that. The level of detailing on the costume, including the stitches and cloth used for the lower parts of the figure, makes it stand out more than any other figure on this list. The head sculpt also bears an incredible resemblance to his look in the comics it’s based on. The figure even comes with a glider that completely changes the appearance of the figure, making it one of the best on this list.

1) Batman Hush Mafex Action Figure

Batman Hush Action Figure

Jim Lee’s art for Batman: Hush remains one of the best designs for the Dark Knight, and this figure is the legendary DC artist’s design brought to life. Featuring a static fabric cape that allows for the most dramatic of poses, along with a grappling hook and other accessories, this MAFEX Batman: Hush action figure is the best one on this list. It’s classic Batman in its purest form and, without a doubt, the best action figure on this list.

And those are the top 13 best Batman action figures, ranked.

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