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Best Cleric Feats in Baldur’s Gate 3

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Clerics are incredibly efficient supports in most party compositions in Dungeons & Dragons. The same is true of the Cleric class in Baldur’s Gate 3. Clerics have a wide range of healing and buffing spells that can be the saving grace for a party. They can buff to improve attacks or prevent all kinds of damage. They can also do some decent spell damage themselves, especially against unholy creatures. While playing your Cleric, you’ll be faced with having to choose a handful of feats. Some of these are much better than others for the Cleric and so we’ll be covering a list of the best 5 feats to choose while playing Baldur’s Gate 3.

Top 5 Feats to Choose for Cleric in BG3

5) Sentinel

Clerics generally need to be relatively close to their fellow party members. They’ll apply buffs, heal and dish out some damage of their own. Sentinel allows Clerics in melee range to have extra utility. If an enemy tries to disengage and retreat, you can opportunity attack them and stop them in their tracks. This has good synergy if you have a melee-focused party.

cleric sentinel feat bg3

4) Tough

Generally, if you have a Cleric in your party, you’ll be relying on them to be your primary source of healing or revives. This means that you need to build your Cleric to have some good survivability. Having the extra hit points from the Tough feat will help tremendously. It’s always a good idea to beef up your Cleric so they can keep those heals coming!

cleric tough feat bg3

3) Magic Initiate

Clerics already have a very versatile spell list to choose from, but you can take this to the next level by nabbing the Magic Initiate feat. You can choose any other class that has Level 1 spells which could benefit your party. This feat then allows those Cantrips to be cast once per day. They’re going to be used situationally, but you’d be surprised how often having the extra choices can help.

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magic initiate feat bg3

2) Ritual Caster

The Ritual Caster feat is very valuable to have. You can use a Ritual spell without having to expend a spell slot. The downside is that you’ll only be able to use a spell that is prepared. It’s still always useful to be able to cast more spells than usual. It can be the difference between a party member going down or not.

ritual caster feat bg3

1) War Caster

As a caster who will be up in the action, War Caster is one of the most valuable feats. Many powerful Cleric buffs require concentration to operate. If the Clerics are getting hit frequently, then they could easily lose concentration and drop the spell. War Caster makes concentration-saving throws a breeze to keep those buffs going. The character will also gain a new opportunity attack spell, which synergizes with them being near party members.

war caster feat bg3

Those are the best 5 feats that I’d recommend you consider for your Cleric as you’re playing through Baldur’s Gate 3. Feats can be really impactful and having a couple good ones can really elevate a class like the Cleric! If you’re looking for the best feats for other classes, we have guides for Barbarians and Bards, as well as plenty more tips to playing the game in our extensive coverage.

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