15 Best Predator Toys On Amazon (2024)

Predator, a franchise that began life as an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, has grown into its own kind of monster. Some of the later movies are a bit hit-and-miss, and I’m still scratching my head over Archie vs Predator, but the titular creature is nearly as iconic as the Xenomorph itself.

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And you know what that means? Merchandise, merchandise and more merchandise. If you’re a fan of the Predator and want him stalking your shelves, you’re spoilt for choice. That’s why I’ve rounded up fifteen of the best Predator and Predator-related toys on Amazon.

15. Alien vs. Predator: Invisible Scar Predator 

Invisible Scar Predator figure

Aliens vs Predator: Requiem may have been a crushing disappointment, but the original movie, set in and around an ice-bound whaling station, has its own charm. This undeniably cool figure is the cloaked form of the movie’s badass alien co-protagonist and comes with all sorts of similarly translucent accessories.

14. The Predator Action Figure Movie Series – Thermal Vision Fugitive

A Predator figure shown in thermal vision with the boxed figure next to it.

As Gary Busey and Gary Busey’s son are all too well aware, you don’t mess with the Predator. This figure, from the middling The Predator, shows off one of the creature’s handiest tools — its thermal vision — though in this case it’s being wielded against the Predator itself.

13. Predator Action Figure – Jungle Demon

A Predator Jungle figure, part transparent.

Arnie’s original nemesis, the “Jungle Hunter” Predator, may have fallen to an Ewok-style low-tech trap, but that doesn’t make him any less badass. This snazzy figure shows him in the midst of cloaking, or de-cloaking, depending on which part of the movie you’re thinking of.

12. Alien vs Predator (Arcade Appearance) Action Figures – Dutch & Linn 2-Pack

A Dutch and Lynn pair of figures from the Alien vs Predator arcade game.

Don’t remember Arnie’s Predator character having a metal arm? That’s because this brilliant NECA twin-pack features Dutch Schaefer’s arcade incarnation from Capcom’s Alien vs Predator beat-em-up. The pack teams him with Linn, a character invented exclusively for the game, who’s nearly as handy at punching Aliens in the face.

11. Predator 2 Shaman Figure

A Shaman Predator figure.

What’s more terrifying than a Predator? A Predator wearing the skull of another Predator, as this Shaman does. Seen briefly at the end of the Predator 2 movie, this becloaked figure isn’t short on accessories, including the disc weapon, a version of which we saw Danny Glover wielding.

10. Funko Pop Predator Hound

A Funko Pop Predator Hound

Aw … wook at the wittle cute doggy. Okay, these weren’t exactly what Predators and The Predator’s would-be-prey wanted to see bounding towards them. But they must have been cute puppies once, right? And thanks to Funko, you can have this pettable little guy guarding your home.

9. Predators Series 11 – Thermal Dutch Action Figure

A thermal imaging figure of Dutch from Predator.

The Predator has Dutch Schaefer in its sights, as this thermo-vision figure reveals. And, while it’s less likely to damage the alien hunter, you can switch up this 7″ Arnie incarnation’s rifle for a pistol or knife for close encounters.

8. Predator 2: City Hunter Predator

A Predator 2 figure with accessories.

Now this is how you arm up an action figure. This Predator 2 figure is eye-catching in its own right, but it comes with some amazing accessories to boot, from a disc weapon to a maskless face to a literal human head still attached to the spine. Speaking of arms, there’s a variant of this figure featuring the injury that Danny Glover inflicted on it in the 1990 movie.

7. Predators: Battle Damage Berserker Action Figure

A berserker predator, missing an arm.

This Berserker Predator looks to have been quite careless, and while it’s not as well equipped as the previous accessory-laden figure, it’s still imposing, even factoring in its 4-inch height.

6. Alien vs. Predator: Thermal Vision Alien Warrior Figure

An Alien figure in thermal vision.

Running colder than the Predator’s human prey, this thermal-vision Xenomorph would give any alien hunter a run for their money. Admittedly, the games show them as plain green, but I’ll let that go given how striking this figure is. And it’s not short on articulation, either.

5. Funko Predator Reaction Figure

A retro-styled Predator ReAction figure.

This is the kind of figure you would have been able to buy in the 80s if Fox had actually put out any Predator merchandise. And now, over 35 years after the original movie aired, Funko has delivered with this charmingly retro ReAction take on the creature.

4. Armored Assassin Predator Deluxe Action Figure

A Predator figure, with the predator wearing just underwear.

At nearly a foot tall, this figure, from The Predator, will dominate any shelf or table you put it on. But that’s not why you should buy it. No, the reason you should purchase this is to embrace the ridiculous sight of the galaxy’s greatest hunter running around in their underwear.

3. Predator Q-FIG MAX Diorama

A diorama, in a squat, big-head style, of a Predator in a tree while Dutch, his prey, is at the bottom covered in mud.

A cutesy rendition of Predator’s most memorable scene, this initially looks like the Predator perched atop a tree. But look carefully, and you’ll see a similarly squat Arnold Schwarzenegger at the bottom of the tree, using the mud to hide his body heat. Posable? No. Extremely cool? Absolutely.

2. Prey – Feral Predator Figure

A figure of the feral Predator from Prey.

After the rather dismal The Predator, Prey was exactly what the series needed, pitting the creature against a young Commanche woman out to prove herself as a warrior. Thought the original Predator was unsettling? This ‘feral’ Predator adds a whole new level of savagery. And it’s loaded with accessories, from hands to weapons to alternate jaws.

1. Predator Invisible Jungle Hunter

The cloaked Predator from the first Predator movie.

If you’re a sucker for the original Predator, you can’t go wrong with this cloaked version of Arnie’s jungle-based foe. Made out of clear plastic, you can just imagine it leaping from tree to tree before putting a hole through Jesse Ventura.

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