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Best Yukong Teams in Honkai: Star Rail

best Yukong teams team comps in Honkai: Star Rail

One of the best things about offensive support characters in Honkai: Star Rail is that they are incredibly useful in almost any team and situation. With the addition of Yukong, we have even more choices for excellent damage-buffing support characters. While you can run her with almost any team, here are some of the best Yukong teams to try out that really benefit from her capabilities in Honkai: Star Rail.

Best Teams to Try With Yukong in Honkai: Star Rail

Mono Imaginary

best Yukong teams team comps in Honkai: Star Rail

Welt – Luocha – Silver Wolf – Yukong

Using Silver Wolf to apply elemental weakness to any enemy of a type based on the elements on your team means that most of the time she can make enemies weak to Imaginary damage, enabling this team to effectively be able to take on any enemy or content. The amount of disables, lockdowns, and debuffing this team is capable of putting out is pretty wild, and top that all off with Yukong’s team-wide buffing to Attack and Crit and you’ll have quite a formidable team comp on your hands. This team requires Silver Wolf and Imaginary-type characters to work, so there isn’t really any flexibility to this team comp yet until more Imaginary characters get released in upcoming updates for Honkai: Star Rail.

Hyper Carry Comp

Seele – Luocha – Bronya – Yukong

best Yukong teams team comps in Honkai: Star Rail

In the Hyper Carry Comp you’ll want one very strong main damage dealer. Seele is the strongest, but you could use any other good damage dealer such as Jing Yuan, Dan Heng, or Yanqing, whoever you have built the best as a damage dealer. The second slot is your defensive option. Luocha is amazing for this team, but you could use a shielder like Gepard or Fire Trailblazer or a different healer like Bailu or Natasha as well. Then we have the two damage-buffing supports focusing on maximizing the damage of your main damage dealer. A double-buffed damage dealer is a real force to be reckoned with, and with your defensive character keeping everyone safe, they’re free to absolutely nuke enemies down. If you’re having trouble with the Forgotten Memories, try a team like it if you have the characters. If you don’t have Bronya, Tingyun is the next best or Asta if you don’t have her either.

Those are two of the best Honkai: Star Rail team comps that you can use Yukong in at the moment — there are plenty of other teams that she will work in though, as she is very flexible as a damage-buffing support. If you do have the characters for these teams though, definitely give them a try.

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