Bigpoint Announces Game of Thrones MMO


Winter sure seems to be coming a lot this year.

Bigpoint, the developer behind the recent Battlestar Galactica browser-based MMO, is currently at work on a free-to-play title based on the ever-popular Game of Thrones series. Though set to be browser-based, the MMO will use the proprietary Unity Engine, a 3-D game-authoring tool already used in some Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games. A release date has not yet been announced, but Bigpoint will be meeting with “select journalists” at the upcoming Game Developers Conference March 7-9 to showcase parts of the game and discuss recent developments.

Not much is known about the mechanics of the game aside from what little can be inferred from the idea that it will run in an internet browser and the sole available screenshot shown above. What is known, however, is that the game is to be developed from the television series on HBO, not the books. This might seem like too fine a distinction at present, however, as the show progresses, HBO will be taking the characters and story slowly farther from the source material for time considerations. It can be assumed that the game, being licensed from HBO, will do the same.

“The creation of a Game of Thrones online role-playing game is a perfect natural extension to the series,” said the series’ executive producer David Benioff. “The show has resonated extremely well with fans so we think they will be terribly excited to have an opportunity to be personally immersed in all the action”

“As a gamer I couldn’t be happier seeing the series translated to this medium and can’t wait to play it,” added Benioff’s production partner, D.B. Weiss.

Most of the planning and early development apparently began in the Summer of 2011, so it’s possible that the game could be done in time to coincide with Season 2 of the television series, premiering April 1st. There’s also Atlus’s upcoming Game of Thrones RPG to consider, which will arrive for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 one month later in May.

You can find the GoT MMO’s home here, though there’s little to be found there at present, save a picture of three House banners (Lannister, Stark, and Baratheon), and the chance to sign up for a newsletter which will undoubtedly provide you with any future news should you so desire it.

Source: The Sacramento Bee

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