BioWare Appeals for Writers in MMOG Project

MMOG developer BioWare, of Neverwinter Nights andBaldur’s Gate fame, has found some of its story writers in the oddest places, and is looking for one now.

In an unusual move, the company sent a brief e-mail to the popular website Penny Arcade exhorting aspiring writers to submit a sample script for a chance to get a gig working on its next MMOG.

“The BioWare MMO is the largest thing we’ve ever done by leaps and bounds. We’re talking a double digit writing staff working for years (yes we’ve already been working for well over a year). Now I’ve realized I need even more writers and I’ve got no reliable way of predicting where they’re going to come from,” reads the candid message, written by BioWare lead writer Daniel Erickson.

Encouraging potential applicants, Erickson revealed that among those who have been in its employ are “fantastic kids right of college, an ex CNN producer and a former gift wrapping clerk from Singapore.” Conversely, among its rejected are “published fantasy authors, screenwriters and editors.”

Those interested are required to fashion a script out of Neverwinter Nights NPCs using the game toolset.

Source: Penny Arcade

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