Mark your calendars: Tickets for Blizzcon 2009 go on sale on May 16.

Attending the fourth iteration of the vaguely annual celebration of all things Blizzard Entertainment will set you back $125 — and that’s before you figure out the costs of trekking down to Anaheim, California.

Those of you without the geek mettle to make the journey will be pleased to hear that the event will once again be broadcast live on DirecTV. New this time around is the option to view the event via a live internet stream.

Though Blizzard claims to have made improvements to their online store in an effort to keep their servers from bursting into flames once fans crush their servers attempting to buy tickets, we heavily advise you to refesh the sales page like your life depended on it if you want to have any hope of scoring a pass.

Blizzcon ticket sales always bring out the worst in humanity, and if it weren’t for the protective barrier of the Internet to shield you, have no doubt that your fellow geeks would step on your throat for the chance to ogle the inevitable sexy succubi cosplayers.

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