If a recent post on the official Bungie blog is anything to go by, Halo: Reach could soon have more achievements to collect.

Halo fans have poured literally millions of hours into Reach since its release earlier this month, and now it looks like Bungie will soon be giving them even more to sink their teeth into. In the most recent weekly update, Bungie seems to have inadvertently revealed an update for the game.

In its most recent weekly update, Bungie demonstrates how to install Reach to the Xbox 360 hard drive in order to take advantage of the vastly reduced loading times. But the screenshots that accompany the post clearly show that Bungie’s version of the game has 250 more gamerscore points and ten more achievements than it should. The post doesn’t make any reference to any DLC or title updates however, aside from a list of upcoming tweaks that Bungie plans to make to the game’s multiplayer mode.

Despite the source of the images, this should probably be filled away under rumor for the moment until we have a little more information. It’s almost certain that Reach will get DLC eventually though, and it’s not outside the realms of possibility that Bungie has already put a significant amount of work into it.

Source: Eurogamer

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