Marvel stands up for suicide prevention in a recent digital comic featuring the Sentinel of Liberty.

Captain America: A Little Help is a digital comic from an unconventional author. Psychologist Tim Ursiny penned the tale, with pencils by Nick Dragotta (known for his work on the Age of the Sentry series). The issue raises awareness about suicide prevention, particularly about the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, an organization with crisis centers across the United States. Marvel requested permission from NSPL to use its logo in the comic, and NSPL director John Draper told the Associated Press it was a request, ” which we happily granted.”

The digital comic, which is available for free both here on Marvel’s website and on their app, is twelve pages long and largely dialogue-free. The protagonist, a young boy, is about to step off the roof of his building when he’s distracted by Bucky Barnes himself, wailing on some bad guys on a rooftop across the way.

The boy becomes involved in the altercation, and when all’s said and done, gets a thumbs-up from the Sentinel of Liberty. The final frames of the comic show the young man reaching out for help, and prominently displays the toll-free number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Source: The Associated Press, via The L.A. Times

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