Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Encourages Facebook Torture


The Facebook version of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is less about vampire hunting and more about torture.

Konami released a Facebook tie-in with Castlevania: Lords of Shadow today called the Castlevania Challenge to promote the game’s October 5 release. It’s basically a torture simulator with in-game characters and creatures.

Players choose a character from either the Brotherhood of Light, featuring vampire hunter Gabriel Belmot and plot-character Zobek, or the Lords of Shadow, featuring a black knight and skeleton warrior. Once chosen, players torture and attack their own characters endlessly to gain experience points and level up.

Starting off, players have only their own character in an arena and zap it with two electrical pylons for experience. Recruiting friends will provide more opportunities to level up through torture of their characters which are added to the arena as well. Players eventually earn special moves used to attack friends, and they can then taunt their friends through Facebook by pointing out their best torturous attacks.

The more levels gained, the more Lords of Shadow content players can unlock. This content includes screenshots, concept art, and videos. The lower level video I unlocked was a five second snippet of a Gabriel attack combo from Lords of Shadow, so presumably the videos unlocked from hours of play are more engaging.

The Castlevania Challenge can be found here. It’s a fun way to torture Facebook acquaintances without getting de-friended, and should keep you busy until tomorrow.

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