Celeste mod Strawberry Jam

One of the most celebrated indie games in recent memory is Celeste. The tough but fun title not only received DLC that added a satisfying conclusion to the adventure, but it also gained a retro sequel starring another character called Celeste 2: Lani’s Trek. While Celeste‘s developer, Extremely OK Games, is hard at work on its next game, Earthblade, fans aren’t ready to shut the door on Madeline’s climbing adventure just yet. That is why Strawberry Jam, a Celeste fan mod two years in the making, is ready to download right now.

Here’s a trailer showcasing some of the 100+ new levels:

The artistry on display from the community is astounding. The stages look like they’d be right at home in Celeste proper, complete with the difficult platforming.

Over 350 community members joined forces to create Strawberry Jam. In addition to the massive amount of levels on offer, there are five difficulty settings, nine hours of original music, and 250+ strawberries to collect. You don’t have to be an expert to try these stages, either. Gyms are included that give players detailed descriptions and videos to help conquer each level. Anyone who needs a helping hand is free to utilize these additions.

Gamers need a copy of Celeste and have 2.5GB of space on their PC in order to download the Everest mod loader and add Strawberry Jam. All money earned from sales of its soundtrack (You can pay any price you want for it.) will be donated to Trans Lifeline, so you’re supporting a good cause.

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