Critical Role’s Sam Riegel Returns to Bells Hells With a New Character

Critical Role‘s Sam Riegel made his long-awaited return to Campaign 3 during Bells Hells Live in Los Angeles.

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The Bells Hells live show marked Sam’s return after two months away. In April, his character since the beginning of Campaign 3, Fresh Cut Grass, died after sacrificing themself to take down Otohan Thull. Their death left a hole in the tight-knit group and devastated Critical Role‘s fans. Almost as soon as F.C.G. died, Critters started proposing theories on when Sam would return and how. Previous character deaths either came at the end of the campaign or only saw the player away for a couple of weeks, causing more fervor around Sam’s lengthy absence. As many predicted, Sam returned with fanfare and grandiose antics.

Early into the show, Bells Hells became aware of a figure hiding behind a door in Aeor. As they opened it, Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer asked Sam to come onto the stage. He was greeted by raucous applause from the crowd, who gave him a massive standing ovation. Dressed like a rockstar, Sam encouraged the crowd for some time before finally taking his seat. Taking a break from his history of short characters, Sam’s new character is a Paladin/Bard Minotaur named Braius Doomseed. After introductions, his first point of order was to flirt with Bells Hells resident Hot Boi, Dorian Storm. In fact, by the end of the episode, he managed to hit on every member of Bells Hells save Chetney.

While comedy remained a trademark in Sam’s playstyle, Braius proved a strong ally. On multiple occasions, Braius served as a clutch player: he kept Dorian from grievous injury with Aura of Protection, Blessed his allies, and healed Orym when he was at death’s door. In the evening’s major battle with Dominox, Braius was arguably Bells Hells MVP. However, Braius has one issue: he’s a devout following of Asmodeus, the Lord of the Nine Hells. Critters may also recognize Asmodeus as a major player in the Exandria: Calamity arc. Asmodeus is unquestionably evil, but it remains unclear if Briaus follows his morality.

Bells Hells first live show occurred on June 15 in Los Angeles. It streamed on YouTube and Twitch Thursday, June 20, with the VOD set for release on Monday, June 24. Twitch subscribers and Beacon members can rewatch the episode on demand already.

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