Fan Provides March Mayhem Commentary in Minecraft


A member of The Escapist’s community sums up each round of voting with video commentary and a lava-filled “Hate Meter”.

Greetings, game fans! With less than a day to go before we launch into the 3rd round of voting in The Escapists’ March Mayhem, we’d like to showcase a video series created by a member of our own community, KefkaCultist!

Created entirely in Minecraft, each video contains a helpful recap of the previous round’s match up, thoughts and predictions on the new round, and questions for viewers to discuss in the March Mayhem forums. KefkaCultist has also created an in-game “Hate Meter” which will be gradually filled with layers of lava for every rage-inducing comment that gets posted up. And while we certainly would like everyone to be civil and have a good time, we also think lava’s pretty cool, too, so try not to go overboard trying to fill it up!

We’re excited to see what KefkaCultist comes up with next and very proud to have him as a member of our community. We’d like to encourage everyone to check out KefkaCultist’s videos and join in the discussion here!

Good luck and happy voting!

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