Five Lord of the Rings video games are in the works to release by fiscal year 2024, according to a financial report from Embracer Group.

The Lord of the Rings fans have more video games to look forward to in the next year, according to a recent financial report from franchise rights holder Embracer Group (via Insider Gaming). The company explains that it plans to launch a whopping total of five titles set in the Lord of the Rings universe by early 2024. The most notable of these titles is Daedalic Entertainment’s The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, which is expected to arrive sometime this year following some delays. There’s also the co-op survival game Return to Moria that is set to come to PC soon. The rest of the titles are a mystery.

Embracer says that its acquisition of Middle-earth Enterprises has “generated a lot of interest among both internal and external partners.” The purchase means that The Lord of the Rings will see new entries released across all media, but gaming especially will see lots of content by April of next year among these five games. Moreover, the company is expecting an exciting next few years, especially in the AAA PC and console space. A grand total of 31 big-budget titles are in the pipeline now, with 19 of them planned to launch before March 2026.

While we know about a handful of those games – such as Dead Island 2, Homeworld 3, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2, and Payday 3 – the real surprise will be seeing what’s in store for The Lord of the Rings. Elsewhere in the Middle-earth universe, Amazon wrapped up season 1 of The Rings of Power just a few months ago. Season 2 is on the way, leaving the door open for Middle-earth to expand even further. The Escapist’s Antony Terence mused about the possibility of the show branching off into a new strategy game just last month. While we’re still waiting for news about what the unannounced Lord of the Rings games have in store, be sure to read his thoughts on what the future could hold.

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