A cult forms around you. How do you react?

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Anyway, I don't see this cult lasting long either since I would just do the usual cult-leader thing. I would demand cash and world possessions from my followers and certain ones (ie: hand-picked females aged 18 and up) will be used in the DID website I set up (Damsels in Success because Mario Party 8 gave me that idea). I don't see this cult lasting long at all but the website...will last up until people realize they're paying for clothes-on cheesecake.

are they any hot? because I don't like being a virgin, it sucks, i mean sure i can try to claim to be a paladin but i don't think they would take me in anyway.

if not i could probably just collect money from them all retire at the weird age of 16, that would be awesome.

I think I'd have to disband it immediately.

Nothing good could really come from having a cult. I'm certain of it.

Renegade for life. The sacrifice of 500 people is a price I will gladly pay if it means I have a chance to get the world on to the right track. First thing on my agenda: having the more intelligent of my followers immediately start working on psychohistory.

It was bound to happen, saving the Galaxy tends to make you popular.

Can't believe I put this up first.

oh would defenlty be nervous at first, but i would try to be a great leader, of course our cult would be a cult like the cult in speed grapher or eyes wide shut. my daily fantasy.

Paint my house.
Pay and build for me a super awesome gaming PC. Some other chores. Than tell them to go back to living their lives until I call for them again.

Probably be confused at first (I mean, who is ever even remotely interested in me?), then possibly at all these nutters following me about, and then come to the logical conclusion to have them make monthly donations to me (hey, I've got bad financial problems, pretty much no chance at employment, and I like being able to buy stuff, like food) and try to make them do good.

It's entirely possible that I'd go mad with power.

Daystar Clarion:
I get uncomfortable with the whole 'forum celebrity' thing around here as it is, having a cult form around me would probably make me have an aneurysm.

What have we done to anger you so, Lord Running Wolf?!

I would abuse the fuck out of it.
Your god demands a new TV.
Your god demands a new video card.
Your god thinks you are kind of hot, come on in.


Daystar Clarion:
I get uncomfortable with the whole 'forum celebrity' thing around here as it is, having a cult form around me would probably make me have an aneurysm.

O Praised be Clarion, our Daily Star!

He hath spoken!

Obey his every word, cherish his name in silence, but do not openly refer to his followers as cult!

His Word is the Law!

All Hail Clarion, the Daystar!

hail hail hail, praise the daystar. he brushes us with wisdom and paints us with knowledge.

Have the 2 strongest females serve as my personal guard.

Command the rest to value and emulate tolerance, kindness, and benevolence while otherwise living their lives as they normally would.

Dunno where they'd get a warped idea like that, but...

I'd explain my life philosophy at length (they are welcome to write it down), maybe try to establish a church of tolerance (any gender, race, orientation, etc.) and say that really my dad is a much better role model for you to emulate. Because he is.

You know, that sounds kinda like what Jesus did. Love your neighbor, praise my father and all that jazz :)

As for me? Well, if I can't get them to stop following me, guess I'll just get them to stop living. "End your lives and thou shall attain eternal bliss!" or something like that. I really don't like fanatics.
And then I probably kill myself, 'cause 500 people just died because of me.

Have them all stand outside my door with black pants, black shirt, sleeping bag, and burial money, and walk by each one telling them why they are not fit to worship me. Then I go back in the house and have the police haul them all away except for the hot one....if there is a hot one. I'm not greedy, one follower would be more than enough in my life.

I would just laugh, laugh and make fun of how pathetic they (and by extention myself) are.

Why, I'd send them to space! After all, the galaxy needs word of my...uhhm...omnipotent vegosiuxness!

Kill the phonies...

Daystar Clarion:
I get uncomfortable with the whole 'forum celebrity' thing around here as it is

Bullshit, you love it :P

OT: Hmm...my own private army of minions, eh? Eh, I don't know. Use them to make epic flash mobs?

EDIT: Also, if any of them know how to play Magic: The Gathering...have them come with me to my local game store on a Friday night.

I would probably end up getting them to organize massive LAN party's every now and then. Or maybe something similar to PAX on a smaller scale. I wouldn't tell them I'm not god though. I would hate to waste such an entertaining opportunity and besides, I don't like lying.

To be honest, I'd probably call the police and tell them there're a bunch of loonies following me around.

I'd be flattered but if a group of people are willing to believe I'm god for no reason, they'd probably end up killing me at some point, whether for the religion or becuase they found someone else to worship.

I would gather them all in one place, and stand on a podium before them, and then I would announce in my most booming God voice:
"I am your God, and you are my people. I give unto you, this one commandment; BOOGIE!!!"
And then this song would fire up.

And we would begin to dance.
And it would be awesome.

I'd use the hot ones for sex, the rich ones for money, the influential ones for political and legal protection when the sex and money gets out of control.

Man it took 23 post for someone to say this im not sure what to say cept go escapist and i'd totally do the same thing.

I'd use it to garner myself a profit for a decent living, then use additional profits to benefit the community. Likely guide the cult to do good deeds in my name.

Also we would have a flag, because everything good has its own heraldric flag.

I'd use them to make my plans to summon the Dark Lord Cthulhu become reality.

Giving me power over people is not a good idea. I admit, I would abuse that power.

Take a cult fee of 20$ each from them every month so i can live in luxery from now on

Id have them go on a crusade and cut off the hands of all thieves but children who do it to survive.

First use it as a platform to teach my philosophy of Logical Utilitarian Humanism, then after I have gone through the section that states that one should not have faith, but instead rely on scientific principles of logic, evidence, reason, and skepticism I would begin explaining why various supernatural things most likely are false, ending with gods. When someone asked if that meant I wasn't I god I would say very good and ask that they follow my words, not as those of a god, but as a man and see how many stick around. Then again if I was a little less moral I could always follow through on my plans when I was voted most likely to become a evil genius and conquer the world in middle school, which was to start a religion called Azerath-Kalisun Feliate Dannam Ozou pe Merein or Lord Azerath's (Literally Azerath who is the greatest among us) Sacred Truth and Duty, dedicated to the worship of the Lord of Angels (called the Astirininth) and me as his prophet upon Earth, which is one of eight worlds inhabited by humans. I created langues for various factions, idealogy, backstory... I really should right a book using it sometime. Another fun option is to claim to be a disguised Odin the Wanderer and convince people to worship the Aesir and Vanir from Norse myth.


Get a little favor from Khorne.

I'd use the hot ones for sex, the rich ones for money, the influential ones for political and legal protection when the sex and money gets out of control, and the rest for suicidal attacks on my enemies should the sex, money, politics and criminality get really out of control.

Finally. I was starting to think that I was the only one who thought this.

I have no idea but the fire at the end would be pretty.

Your god thinks you are kind of hot, come on in.

This, I think is the first thought that came to many men. And it's also the first thing many men would deny. I don't understand why. We evolved to seek out as many sexually desirable partners as we can in order to spread our genetic code. It is not only natural, it is expected.

The answer is quite obvious, i'd tell them to convert the unbelievers in order for my cult to grow. And eventually i'll go full Kane (C&C reference)!

boy, lets hope there a few super scientists among your followers.

i would send my people to live normal lives, spread good and the word of my awesomeness and send 10% of their income every month.

"What the fuck is wrong with you people? Really? You're going to uphold me as some sort of messiah? Good lord, that's just messed up. What, are our tenants to sit around hating our jobs while eating Cheetos and playing videogames? You people REALLY need to go out and find a hobby...or a better role-modle."

I'd say my reaction would be something along the lines of that. :P

have a big and amazing party.

and then build a city.

I'd try to get them to do good... and if anyone takes my wishes too far will severely punished...

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