What did the poster above you do after posting on this thread?

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Realized what the meaning of life is, then forgot.

Went to Hawaii.

Bought a condo under the sea.

Had a small child.

Learned a new language.

Used the new language.

Resurrected the old language.

Tried to learn latin, and failed.

Shot things at the moon.

Cursed at the moon while Kailus shot things at it.

Traveled to the moon afterward to survey the damage.

Had spongecake.

Ate cheese.

Sought out the magical bread loaf.

Murdered the holy meatloaf.

Sanctified the unholy muffin.

Got insulted by an ant.

Cursed the old Gods.

Worshipped the new gods.

Shouted at the peons.

Became a god of sideways avatars.

Filled a bagel with oil.

Avoided the Noid.

Fill into the snakepit.

Turned into a plane and flew around the world.

Reaffirmed his sanity.

Indulged in a killing spree. Which was only virtual, of course!

Murdered a fish.

Mind fucked Pennywise.

Ate a bagel LIKE A BOSS!

Posted in the wrong thread.

Assassinated gophers.

Led a crusade against the mole people.

Led a spirited, courageous, yet ultimately doomed defence, alongside the mole people.

Started what is probably the worst band in history.

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