Zero Punctuation: Just Cause 2

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This all sounds like what I do in gta anyway, only 200 times more of it.

Fuel with weapons? I may have to try this out.

Great review, I loved the bear "Fucked if i know" combo breaker a third of the way in. XD

Honestly, this game sounds boring as hell (partially because I'm a compulsive completionist). Blowing stuff up in a massive grindfest when the travel time is that bad makes me wonder why he couldn't also fart out, say, a teleport pad. or more efficient fuel.

Since when did "It's really fucking fun" not mean it's a good game?

It's a GAME, it's entire purpose is to be fun.

I really enjoyed the JustCause 2 Demo, but i think it wears out really fast, because if you´ve seen one gas station collapsing into piles of flaming dust, you´ve seen them all. And as the Story missions seem to be rather dull, i assume im not going to pay 60 bucks for it.
Nice Review, though.

I love that everyone is quoting little bits from it, as if to prove that they've watched it or at least skipped around enough to pick up a few bits to prove they saw it just so they can get on the first page.

That said, I may actually get this game now, even though I thought it looked a bit dull at first.

Awesome, as usual.

HAHAHAHA awesome review... but i kinda disagree... ya can never have a sandbox map TOO big... the big the better...

I JUST saw this game in action today, and I agree. It IS fun to blow shit up.

...Oh, and the story [There's a story?] isn't important because of all the nice things to blow up.

And the map. Oh. My. Gordon Freeman. That thing is bigger than the budget on a James Cameron movie. There's a desert, a mountain range, about twelve seas, some cities, a hell of a lot of trees, sky everywhere for you to surf planes around in, more trees, cars, and even an oil rig or two. And some trees.

Also hovervehicles. Those are cool.

[And if the CIA is really this cool, why aren't there more pictures of it?]

Meow indeed.

God YES, I was hoping this would appear on Yahtzee's radar.

That was the best review I've seen from ZP in a long time. It was fucking hilarious. I don't really care about Just Cause 2 but I might have to play it now because it just looks like silly-bollocks fun... not like I'm going to but it or anything. *Runs to Gamefly*

as soon as I first got this game and started playing it, the first thing that came to me was "Yahtzee is going to love this". Mainly because of his opinions of saints row, since just cause 2 basically tells you to go fuck around or you get no story missions; and since the first thing people want to do in a sandbox game is destroy the whole world, JC2 fits perfectly.

Too busy gushing over cute kitties to listen to yahtzee's rant. AAwwwwwwww kitties :D

I'm surprised he didn't mention the horrendous voice acting. But still, fun review, was surprised that he liked it.

:D I liked this one, the cats were there alot though O_O not that I mind, I like kitty :D

Few things are as awesome as climbing on top of your car, while enemies are chasing you, and anchor their vehicles to the ground and watch them go YOINK and then fly off the street.
It's even more fun to do near a steep ledge, or on a bridge.
Anchor them to the side of the road and they make a 90 degree turn to DEATH.
It's also amusing to hook helicopters to trees.

Great review, Yahtzee. Now, where's a review for the new Pokemon?

Dammnit, your heart cant be that black to deny probably the most endearing JRRPG series of our generation.

Oh and hey, random battles make sense and can be avoided!


I cackled quite hard at the "Black like my soul" Market. I might actually get Just Cause, as I'm feeling a bit bereaved of sandbox fun lately, and I have fond memories of playing the original demo and just laughing my arse off at the guy's hilarious invincibility. Who needs realism when you can parachute off the back of a motorcycle?

Undead Dragon King:
I definitely got the vibe that you gave off from your "Mercenaries 2" review. Just wanton destruction with next to no realism. I think I might give the game a try.

i wonder how all this works on multiplayer, and how are u able to post when apparently on probation for a post u did on the 19th? it kinda defies reason

One of the Best Zp's lately.
I loves it

didnt like the 1st one so much, but i'll give this one a try

Maybe I'll give this game a look. Still have the demo on my 360. I'll see how I feel afterward.

the world would be a better place if twix is still called raider

Wait, there was a story to this game? I thought the whole game was run, gun, blow stuff up.

the map is miles too big

haha might have to check this out.

I love the episode this week, plenty of fresh humour and unexpected twists... and kittehs!

Man...I want to ride a rocket dolphin. Why? Fucked if I know!

You know, I actually think reviews are more fun when they have ncie things to say about a game.

Maybe it's a homeopathic thing.


Loved the pope and the pope's cat joke.
Another good one from the caustic-tonged duke of comedy

I think I'll give this game a pass.

I'm just a little bit tired of these fun, chaotic freeroamers. I know, that sounds weird, but I need a little more structure in my life my games.

always cheers me up... he obviously just bought a cat!

I was not interested in this game before... I might have to give it a second look.

A game for screwing around is right up my alley. A lot of games I play just to play, not to beat. I just want to mess around.

Did he buy a cat last week or what?

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