Stolen Pixels #200: Breen Fortress, Part 6

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Damn it Claptrap!

Hahahaaa... very good. Keeps on giving, awesome.

XD good one for sure man! btw u spelled Juicy wrong <.<


You spelt "you" wrong...

arghhh curse you Claptrap!


Hahahaaa... very good. Keeps on giving, awesome.

XD good one for sure man! btw u spelled Juicy wrong <.<


You spelt "you" wrong...

1 is intended 1 isnt? :O

you are an evil, evil man.

Defuse, not diffuse.

Sorry to harsh the 200-strip mellow.

BTW, my company offers a proofreading service for publishers. Not to put too fine a point on it, but your comics would be a great fit.

"Diffuse: to spread or scatter widely or thinly; disseminate"

Nope, he meant Diffuse, not Defuse. Defusing bombs is not in character with this comic. Diffusing nuclear particles at higher altitudes, causing the enemies weapons to malfunction, that is in character.

I totally read the Claptrap parts in his voice. 8)

Fuck you, Claptrap. Fuck you.

Happy 200th! This is one of the best webcomics on the internet.

You sir, are a dick. I was all excited about hearing what Gabe had to say and then you went and did that. I would've done the exact same thing. High Five!

Dammit Claptrap! How many times do we have to shoot you before you shut the fuck up?

Damn you, claptrap!

Claptrap: "Look at me, I'm diffusing!"

In the words of a certain Air Pirate...*pistols*

Dance for me, Claptrap.

Holy Hannah, a Skies of Arcadia reference.

And poor Metro...

Another reason why we should destroy all robots, other then the sensible "before they rebel against their masters".

Congrats on 200, nicely done.

This episode is one big noodle incident.

Anybody know a good way to quickly murder a claptrap?

What? No gratuitous sex scene? Metro doesn't get the props he deserves.

Good one Shamus. You come up with some cool action and more hatred for Claptrap. Excelsior!

Here's to 200 more!

Intergalactic Assassin or no, there will be Claptraps dining in hell tonight!
Very well done on the 200 good sir!

When do I get my "Read 200 Stolen Pixels" badge? xD

What he said.

When i first read "200 strips" i thought "hmmm 200 crispy strips **drule**" but that might be my KFC addiction. Anyway GZ ! Good luck with youre next 200.

Nice work on hittin the ol' 200's!!!

my immediate response to ClapTrap ->

Diffuse a nuke???


Although........diffuse a nuke? Not defuse? - You mean like, spread it around to an area of lower concentration?

Wait, actually, that might work.....

Congratulations. Truely a worthy celebration of the 200th strip. Made me smile. There´s so much story behind each image.

>_< Dislike Claptrap so much right now

I thought that ClapTrap was as annoying as annoying gets in the game itself, but I was proven wrong....

What an amazing comic and moderately related news article?

What's all this about the robot?

Oh, yeah. That douchebot.

Clap Trap: the Robot Ninja Assassin strikes again!

Interplanetary Ninja assassin!!!

Claptrap can be very funny and very annoying in borderlands.
this is a prime example


I wish I had a bucket of water to throw on that annoying robot right now.

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