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I liked how the jokes came fast and furious, and I guess this is probably oodles less time consuming to make than ENN, especially since you guys do what...three other Escapist shows (dag, yo!), but I think that the old format comes across more polished and a bit funnier. Your professionalism really sets you apart from what other video makers are even capable of doing.

Best ENN to date!

It was ok, but while watching it I felt like I was missing out on watching a real ENN.
The video felt very 'behind the scenes', and maybe that is what you wanted to create - but in making a behind the scenes video but not actually showing a final product as it were, I feel short changed.

For me the bottom line is this:
Seeing ENN in this format is not how I'd like to see it all the time, and if every 4th ep was like this, I'd probably skip that ep. If after watching a normal ENN I was treated to a behind the scenes look on how you all got together and made the ep and I was shown it in the fashion I saw today, that would be nice. I'm not against change, but this way of filming an ep is not better to the normal way.

Fully agree.

Phailhaus + ENN can only be a good thing.

(I swear, just hanging out with these guys for an afternoon would be well worth the price of the flight out there!)

Sorry, Kathleen, but here comes the truck of criticism!!


*nothing happens*

What, how could I not like this episode?
Really enjoyed the change of format, and it's great to see you guys trying new stuff as always.

I say if you don't adopt this full time, please pop one in every couple of weeks.
I actually think some of my favourite stuff from LRR is like this and Phailhaus, although naturally I'm a big fan of whatever you guys do.
You guys are naturally funny, so it's always a pleasure to see less scripted chats like this occur.

FF13.2 sounds...horrific..

Also- loved the crossing out of "Duke Nukem Isn't Happening" :P

Silly THQ... That's one Fugly design... although... that comics sans....

*echoes Paul's shudder*

Keep it up, guys!

this is great they need to keep doing that with the show

I maintain that Papyrus would be a worse font than Comic Sans.

Escapist News Network:

We now have an ipad

I like this new format, I liked the old format too, but the whole "group talking shop" feel is a big plus for fun. It's like Phailhaus meets ENN, I like :D

Love it! That's the most I've laughed at an ENN in a long time! :-)

I likey!


The thing that made ENN so good, in my opinion, was that it was like a news show...hence the name. This, while it has its merits, is not nearly as good. It doesn't feel as tight or as well timed and loses the sense of what kind of show we're actually trying to watch. Let's not keep this format permanent...please?

I honestly have to say, I love this format, and prefer it to the newsroom. But only occasionally. This had me laughing pretty hard. Almost woke up the wife!

Loved it ^^

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