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Loving the title aliteration, twice in a row.

I think my deity trumps all of your deities. His name is "Jehovah", and in Latin, his name starts with an I, in stead of a J. That's how much of a bad ass he is!

OT: Awesome episode. I especially love the whole "Cell Phone Blockage" bit.

Yay! Morgans back, we missed you Morgan


While Matt did put on an awesome performance, I'm going to have to give it to James, with his delivery about the safety pins.

"Brian, could you...

Crystal, could you put safety pins on the shopping list please."

The please at the end is what sold me.


I just went with my personal favorite: Robot Devil.
He comes with complimentary gold fiddle!

plus, if you choose not to believe in him, he still gives you a silver fiddle... though he might choose to kill you...

Silver fiddle...and Robot hell seems kinda fun...ILL TAKE IT!

Funny episode...i lawled at the...well most of it

It seems like southern and Canadian accents don't really blend well together. Being from the south has ruined my suspension of disbelief towards fake southern drawls though.

Post Credits skit was adorable.


After taking a cults class, I see flaws with this cult but it is still hilarious!
also I had to do a double take when Matt called James Matthew.

Doubly confusing when you consider that my full given name is "Matthew James"


So that's why LRR needs *additional* Jameses.

Frank's should so be part of a Call of Cthulhu campaign. Can you imagine the investigators following up on a string of ritualistic murders finding evidence that leads them to an evil cult and from them to Frank's corporate headquarters? Priceless.

Of course Frank has reserved the best god for his own personal use...

Nice accent, graham

I want a signed picture of Graham in that cowboy hat really badly...


Painful, southern, accent, piercing, my, skull !

That was great... Maybe Fox News can use it as the basis for another "factual" story.

As a Lovecraft fan, I loved.

One small thing, Elder Gods aren't Outer Gods. Just saying.

If you're looking for someone to worship, there's always RAGAWHIMADOODOODAA to consider.

Pat yourself on the back if you get the reference.

why the hell do i get so giddy when any show mentions my city?

It definitely beats everything else we've been in the news for this year...

In feedback-related news, I seriously have no idea where you guys come up with this stuff, but whatever you do, don't stop. So much funny stuff this week I'm not even sure where to start. Morgan seemingly reprising his role from The Writers Room was great (is it telling that I find religious humor so hilarious?), and of course, it's just not a LRR skit without an ArMEGAdon reference, hehe. I do think I have to ask Graham to step away from the southern drawl though. Wow.

a reference to the next state over and my name (ian)

Genius, sheer genius!

The cult of Snuggies!

...Is that redundant?

I believe we're forgetting the One True God: Hail Wharrgarbl!

...and that stinger is a fresh log on the Matt/James slash bonfire.

Phenomenal performance by Matt, if I need some to play a dick I know who to call, he's been typecasted so well.

ENN might be dead, but LRR lives on, strong and funny. Truly LRR is the only deity I worship, and they answer my prayers several times a week.

Awesome. Glad to see Morgan is back. Maybe now we can see more Man Cooking.

Pain in the dick. hehe

Awesome! Your joke/time ratio is nothing short of astounding. I had to watch it twice just to make sure I got everything!

You could always worship...


Quite enjoyable and there were so many jokes packed in a short time. It's episodes like this where I almost need an appendix to explain the things I missed. The pacing was good. I was staring at the purple cloaks trying to figure out if they were something Tally made. It was funny to learn they were Snuggies off the shelf.

Athe, god of atheism, and devourer of other gods is public domain.
All he asks is that you try to destroy faith in other gods, weakening their defenses so he can eat them and gain their powers, and that you give me all your money.
CAPTCHA: sunights lemons

It ran a little long, and there were quite a few jokes that flew above my head, but overall, it was decent. Loved the Snugee robes, though.

Man, those guys screwed me over! My so called "Lord of Loose Coins" got it's ass kicked by the Space Wolves and my cult is just ruined! You'll hear from my lawyer's about this one!

(Internet cookie for whoever guess what daemon I'm talking about.) :D

OT: That was a great job guys, love the whole "Used Car Dealer Texan" bit Graham.

This video got me ROFLing. Awesome job, LRR!

Graham as cheesy Mid Western salesman of cheesy wares... Genius! Graham, you're a legend!

Personal highlights:
"We need a dark god, or... frankly, what's the fuckin' point??" Brilliant turn from Matt! Had me in hysterics. The frustrated, nay saying accountant trope given a wonderful foul mouthed turn.

Also "We want Armageddon, not everyone north of 72nd street loses cell phone reception"
-"That's not the point!"
Krystal- "Says you! I live on 83rd, that'd be a pain in the dick!"

Loved the Kool- Aid gag as well... Ah, Koresh. Even from beyond the grave you provide us with hilarity.

I wish to apply to the Cult of LRR!

I want a signed picture of Graham in that cowboy hat really badly...


I'll go halvsies in on it with you!

This video was awesome. I love you guys. Nice job Kathleen, Graham. :)

Damn, I can get an extra silent "H" for no extra cost? Anyone else think snuggies would sell better if they were advertised to cults?

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