The Summer of Arcade Sucks

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pink isn't a real colour

Get out of my forum. Seriously. Leave. Never look back Simba Adam.

fear the science, FEAR IT!
ok, I'm being unfair, pink IS a colour, but it's not naturally occuring (and is technically desaturated red, it really depends on the particular type of pink), there is a story about it here: (ironically, I always imagined The Colour to be greenish-grey, now I'm only going to be able to imagine it as pink... it puts a bit of a wierd view on the story...)

now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get back to my non-lovecraftian colours :P

I thought you were going to say 'This summer sucked' and I was going to agree, then I saw 'Arcade'... So I had to think about it and I still agree it sucked.

But then I realized you're not in Britain anymore and Wales is bloody amazing on deciding weather, from one type of rain to another.

It seems to me that XBLA/XBLIG has a huge problem in that indie developers seem to hate it and/or find significantly more profit on other platforms:


Dungeon Defenders


Orcs Must Die 2

Super Meat Boy

They Bleed Pixels


It seems that this all adds up to the point where a lot of quality indie developers are simply refusing to develop for the XBOX.

A fair point, I think a lot of it comes down to XBL's pricing policy as much as anything. The oft-maligned practice of charging a membership fee for multiplayer and such, when people are already paying for an internet connection. That basically means that if your an indie developer someone basically has to decide playing your game is worth also maintaining an XBL membership for if it's a multiplayer game, where on STEAM or most other platforms there isn't an issue like that.

Not to mention the fact that indie games did get kind of swept into the closet on XBL's dashboard. To Microsoft they are second class citizens and treated as such.

Mmmmm... Sally Acorn.

Sorry, Sonic TV series flashbacks.

This is completely false. Everyone knows you join the team that's winning in Team Fortress 2.

unless you are playing in an friendly fire server. Then you all lose

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