Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review - Episode 10: The Bridge

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"A mind that computes and calculates so precisely that its predictive abilities might as well be clairvoyant."

This makes me think The Mad Thinker moreso than MODOK.


What if CENTIPEDE is an organization created by Arnim Zola to create an army of super soldiers to continue the cause and wait for his Master's return? Arnim wouldn't be as hard to make as MODOK, as he's just a robot with Zola's face on a chest-LCD.

He's been due, sure, but can network TV afford Toby Jones? I'm honestly not sure where he would fit in pay scale, but I imagine he wouldn't be as costly as Samuel L. At the very least AIM was connected to Extremis during IM 3 so I imagine it has to be involved somehow. Maybe AIM and Hydra teamed up?

I always thought AIM was a spin-off of HYDRA, or a modern-day cover for them. And of course they can have Toby onTV; he was a villain in an episode of Doctor Who.

The Hungry Samurai:
This is classic Whedon, start so-so, slow build up then by the time this season ends everything will snap together in a way that makes it all freakin amazing.

Why else do all his other shows (not based on things with an already existing fan base) get canceled but leave behind ridiculous cult followings.

(And now I prepare to get bombarded with the real reasons Dollhouse, and Firefly couldn't find legs, because the internet hates all. :P )

Funny you should say that, because this very thread is full of hate for Agents od S.H.I.E.L.D.

"A mind that computes and calculates so precisely that its predictive abilities might as well be clairvoyant."

This makes me think The Mad Thinker moreso than MODOK.

They can't use Mad Thinker. He falls under the FF license which Fox has. I'd still be surprised if they opt to use a reasonably major villain like MODOK on the TV series when they could dump him into a Captain America or Iron Man movie with full effects budget. I fear the best we could hope for is someone really obscure and D list, like Machinesmith.

Just going off the time traveller angle, Kang the Conqueror is pretty solidly an Avengers villain and might be viable if they just redesign his helmet.

This whole episode regarding Peterson I was saying "please don't die, we all like you and that usually means you're going to die but I really don't want you to so don't do it!" I also think they can make Modok on the budget they have, after all Doctor Who did the Face of Bo and there is no way their budget is as high as Disney's.

I'm sure we'll eventually see the money backing Centipede is going be Ian Quinn. The rich D bag in the episode the Asset. Whether he is the clairvoyant or not is a whole nother story, but I'm reasonably confident this guy going turn up and be a regular villain for the series. This show done a lot of seed planting, so only a matter of time before they start cropping back up.

I can't believe there is so much dismissal of this show, it's so much fun. One thing I love about whoever writes it is they love curveballs in the story *spoilers* especially injecting ward with the truth serum, building the may ward relationship, shooting mike Peterson to save him, "they gave him a name", taking Coulson instead. So much to delve into in a TV show, (I know the rule is TV should be simple enough to just listen to, but the simpsons proved that wrong, that peppering in the details is a great reward for paying attention.)
I really enjoy this show and hope it is very successful for them.
ps. I hope they come back to some of those corporate names at the press conference that even moviebob didn't know so they're series original.


The thing is...Coulson most likely cant die (not literally). He's already done that. Dying is a thing a character really cant do a lot of times before it gets ridiculous.

Oh I know! It was just that on-the-spot reaction without actual rational thought. I knew he wasn't dead, it's just that if he wasn't I was gonna be like "fuk dees sheet"

Hatred for sheets notwithstanding, I guess it means I care a bit? I don't know.



The thing is...Coulson most likely cant die (not literally). He's already done that. Dying is a thing a character really cant do a lot of times before it gets ridiculous.

Oh I know! It was just that on-the-spot reaction without actual rational thought. I knew he wasn't dead, it's just that if he wasn't I was gonna be like "fuk dees sheet"

Hatred for sheets notwithstanding, I guess it means I care a bit? I don't know.

Well...he is really the only one to care about in the series. The cast is bland as bland can be :\

captcha: diddly-squat. Yeah captcha, thats what I'm saying the cast doesnt mean a thing.

On the no mental powers in all of the Marvel universe I think SHIELD protests too loudly. We've already seen them lie to Skye over and over so is it really a stretch to say they might be telling a few fibs about mental powers as well on the long list of things they will not admit? Plus from X-Men First Class we saw that one of the nice perks of mental powers is you can make people in power forget things. Although damn it's too bad the movie deals cut out mutants in the SHIELD live action universe but they are okay in the cartoon universe.

It was a nice break from device of the week gone wrong. But it still feels so bland when the movies give us so many costumes and other comic book goodies but Agents of SHIELD feels more like the people who are tasked with fixing the latest screw up by Rusty Venture. The show needs some costumed villainy instead of guys in business suits fight guys in fatigues and one woman in a flower dress.

Fingers crossed for season two but honestly right now the only thing I'd miss if the show got canceled would be Coleson.

Here's hoping Mike is going to be a series regular. He's a real character, a distinction he shares with Coulson and no one else. Plus, as several folks have mentioned, he helps give some real superpower to the show AND simultaneously helps make the cast more diverse.

He's a normal with the effective power of a demigod. Unlike anyone else on the show (including Skye), he was an out-and-out civilian. Skye isn't a civilian lens into the world of S.H.I.E.L.D., her life and story are too connected with exotic plot points, but Mike was specifically established to be a normal working class guy. It's a nice addition in this case.

Unfortunately, because he's got super abilities and the focus of the show is on non-powered agents, I'm guessing that he's going to fall prey to Whedon's character killing ax. That's assuming he survived this episode in the first place.

While I suppose MODOK is a classic, it strikes me as more likely at this point that what they are dealing with is "The Chaos Computer" if it is a mathematical/computer based precognitive device. "The Chaos Computer" would be well timed with other events in the Marvel Cinematic universe going on right now, as well as being an obscure enough reference where it would take people by surprise while still being canon enough to say "this was always out there".

For those unfamiliar with it there was a team in the 1990s called "Force Works" largely run by The Scarlet Witch and Iron Man. They broke off from the Avengers team to take a more pro-active approach, using the aforementioned "Chaos Computer" to predict problems before they could happen and head them off. While the computer was powerful on it's own, to really function at it's true potential it needed The Scarlet Witch to use her own probability manipulation powers in conjunction with it. This team didn't stay around too long but a new version of it was hinted as operating behind the scenes for quite a while now:

The reason this seems likely is because Iron Man is the biggest apparent cash cow in the cinematic universe and just about everything seems to revolve around "Starktech" probably because we don't have anyone competing with him like say Reed Richards for "smartest dude out there known to the public" at least at the moment. Him ultimately having invented whatever this is, or at least started out the concepts, makes a degree of sense. What's more it provides something they can later pull out when "The Scarlet Witch" is apparently introduced (if rumors are true) as a sort of last minute ex-deus machine, having set it's existence up on "SHIELD" and being able to use it to justify her predicting and heading off events retroactively. It making sense that a powerful, if flawed, device in SHIELD, would suddenly become that much more powerful in her hands as that's how things worked out in the comics.

Depending on where things go, this also opens the door for them to also do a "Force Works" series at some point, using "B" and "C" list characters since it's semi-open for who is members, and could be justified as doing almost anything. "Force Works" considered by some as one of the most awesome concepts that never really made it, and remains as something of a cult classic with Force Works characters still tending to be ones associated with Iron Man and his circle, and even used as his backup (replacing US Agent with Hawkeye) in the older Iron Man cartoons.

I'm probably wrong, but that's my immediate guess, in a similar direction to Bob... and in part backed because since SHIELD seems to be trying to avoid doing too much with actual super-heroics, probably due to budget reasons, actually making MODOK would probably be beyond them... unless they used most of their FX budget for it, and really something that silly would probably be a bad idea.

Though if Bob is right, and they do introduce Modok, we should demand an "Agents Of H.A.T.E." inspired episode where the team winds up infiltrating a warehouse defended by a bunch of Elvis impersonating MODOK clones that attack by throwing hamburgers.... :)

I'm hoping that, once the show returns from mid-season hiatus, it will fix a few things. First, hope that Coulson will be gone for most of the episodes. It will put the team in a situation where they need to come together without their fearless leader. Second, they need more threats like Centipede that will challenge them constantly. Third, DIG DEEPER INTO THE MARVEL UNIVERSE! Look into areas that have yet to be resolved like Samuel Stern's whereabouts since The Incredible Hulk or more background into Zodiac after being mentioned in the Agent Carter one-shot. Hell, dig into other parts of the MU that the movies won't have time to cover. Also, less one-shot episodes and more multi-parters. Give the audience a reason to tune in and not miss a single episode. Finally, more familiar S.H.I.E.L.D. members from the comics. Not just Maria Hill and Nick Fury, but Clay Quartermain, Valentia Allegra de Fontaine, and Jimmy Woo (put in an Agents of Atlas reference or two when he appears).

Daaaah Whoosh:
Every show has rocky beginnings, and AOS is no different.

I disagree. I can name several shows that started pretty strong (not saying they were the best episodes of the series, or that the show didn't get better, just that the show started good) Community, Burn Notice, Futurama, Castle, even Angel and Firefly started pretty strong for Whedon shows.

That aside, I do think that Agents is really starting to get more into the big story and is revealing more things, it's finally getting a lot better. Here we are at ten episodes and I'm actually tuning into the show now because I'm genuinely curious what's going to happen, not just because "It's a Marvel show and maybe this week's episode will be okay..."

I will confess that I hope they don't do ONLY story episodes from here on out, I do hope we'll still get a few "super event of the week" episodes sprinkled amidst the chaos. But I also hope that they start giving us at least a couple of these monster of the week episodes actually focusing on real Marvel characters, however obscure (Have 'em up against Stilt Man for all I care) Really the only one we've gotten so far was with Graviton, and I'm still eagerly waiting for him to come back.

I'm so tired of Skye. Ward got slightly more interesting for his relationship with May, but a good part of that is a rub-off from May being far more interesting than he is. Skye is turning into the amalgam of the worst traits of female Joss Whedon characters- we're supposed to put up with all her crappy loose-cannon behavior, her emotional issues, and her utter unwillingness to actually try to fit in and learn from the competent people around her because she's just so spunky! Either she's supposedly making an effort to actually become a SHIELD agent or she's still trying to subvert the agency from within or glean otherwise unavailable information from them, and in either case, she should be keeping her head down and trying to blend in and pick things up... Pretty much the opposite of what she's been doing in any given episode. Honestly, Skye ought to be in a secret prison somewhere by now.

I want to like AoS. I'm trying really hard to give it as many chances as it needs. But I'd really like to see these people be competent- not "oh, she has special forces fighting skills so of course she wins this fight" competent or "he has science skillz so he comes up with the magic MacGuffin that saves the day" competent but actual "let's plan this out and cover our bases and have contingency plans" competent- and this last episode was pretty much the opposite of that.

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