Zero Punctuation: Gears of War 2

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I loved the game overall but somehow yet again you twist my arm and make me agree with the bad points you mentioned!

Or because will smith is in it. Quality. :) i dont hate gears , but at the same time dont like it. A saw fence sitter. But oh well doms wife is a dead cunt :DD

Wow, Yahtzee actually liked it...very true with the whole "Chest high walls" part, I never thought about it like that.

Yeah, me neither.

Good ZP this week. Especially the "Yeah, let's go with that. F*** YOU CLIFFY B!" rationalle.

liked the last words

the accent was alright I guess..

to be honest.. I've never heard a South African accent.. so... I can't really have a say :P

Although good for Yahtzee for finding a mainstream game good. He's getting weaker. :D

Hes right you knowm If one can ignore the horrible story line, which has little point exept for kinda hinting at where the locust came from, the actual gameplay is nice, and the different locals are pretty good

I really liked Gears of War 2, but I'm glad he pointed out the conveniently placed chest-high walls (that and all the testosterone that cracked up me and my friends). It was kind of odd, but we weren't complaining, haha.

haha bravo best thing was the or becore will smith is in it bit at the end

These video reviews always have me cracking up. Mostly because well the pictures are hilarious.
Thanks Yahtzee. :D

As a big fan of both Gears of War 2 and Zero Punctuation, I must say I'm rather surprised that Yahtzee had good things to say about it. Judging from what he's said in previous reviews, it didn't seem like he'd enjoy it too much (What with the whole "space marines killing hordes of aliens" plotline).

There were a few things I disagree with Yahtzee about, mostly the friendly A.I's actions when you get downed by enemy fire. Most of the time when it happens to me, at least one of the other guys will come over, revive me, and resume fire. Occasionally they all concentrate fire on one big enemy and seemingly forget about me. Oh, and as far as I can tell your friendly team mates only revive you on the lower difficulties (Casual and Normal). Anything above and you don't get a second chance. And the whole "charging into enemies to carve them up with your chainsaw" doesn't usually work on the higher difficulties.

But those two minor points aside, this was a good review.

Talk about a flashback big enough to cause a brain hemorrhage. (the Getaway)

Good review, funny in a very good way.

I have a hard time caring for Gear of War 2 though.

Getting an error when I try to watch the video... :( Something about file not found.

High chest walls. That was classic.

Surprised how he didn't mention Baird's pessimistic, smart-assy attitude and Cole's hyper active shenanigans throughout the storyline. Both my favorite characters aren't even mentioned, but still very nice job.

Great review, but then the double kick to the balls with the unfunny guy at the end who brought along clips of the absolutely terrible "The Getaway". >_<

Muh...I prefered Cliffy B back when he was making awesome platformer/shooters about Bunnies. I miss Jazz Jack Rabbit...

Great Video, by the way.


GoW is one of those odd games which I've always sort of liked playing, but never actually got excited over. The game-play might be solid and entertaining enough, but when the plot to back it up is as weak as Atlantic Ocean piss it tends to lack the critical aspect to draw you in.
Also did anyone else laugh for a good few minutes when Dom finally found his wife? I sure as hell did, now THAT'S entertainment.

Liked this one more then last weeks, had a bit more review in it (not that the last one was bad, just lacking in the 'actually looking at game-play' section).

It's great! In my opinion it's the best ZP evarrrr, k thx. :P

basically sums it up. gears 2 is dump as shit but its still fun to blow up skyscraper size monsters with oversized guns

Yahtzee had it right on the money!
All I gotta say is "Go Go Gadget, WILL SMITH!"

Yahtzee has a point, why does everything Will Smith appear in get popular almost automatically?
i loved the joke about Simon Cowell XD great review Yahtzee!

Gameplay of Gears 2 was good, but the story isn't even worth mentioning

Will Smith is going to need some chest high walls if Yahtzee ever catches him...

I'm curious as to why the Multiplayer aspect wasn't covered, though. I would think that even fragments of the atrocious Matchmaking or the Invincible Chainsaw tactics would have caught even his attention.

Despite this, what he said was still funny, AND true. Hats off to him.

back on form after a few mediocre episodes....


That was informative, not that I didn't already surmise this anyway but it's a lot more funny with cartoons and an Australian voiceover.

Yahtzee, if you're reading: If GD goes through and you guys get picked up by some TV network, grab an interview with Noah Antwiler,( I've never seen him interviewed and I think you could come up with some good questions. If you haven't heard of him, he is an extremely funny and witty individual who does reviews of old movies and strange/old/broken games as well as reviews of modern games and movies too.(not that todays games aren't broken or strange as well.)

meh, game sucked review sucked. i think my computer screen may implode from all this sucking!

Surprising that Yahtzee liked it, to be sure.

Though it's good that at least some mainstream games are good, as about 95% of all games ever made are meant to be "mainstream".

Okay, it seemed like he mostly liked it. But even after watching, I'm still not really sure.

Doesn't matter I guess. The episode was funny...unlike this week's Unskippable.

He didn't say nothing about Horde...

marcus's head, never seen that before.

I wonder if i should pick this up. See, i hated the first one. I got about to the point were some guy dies at the hands of a big alien walking down the street (2 or 3 levels in) and i said "F*** this shit." and i traded it in. Then i was perfectly happy playing Halo and Half-Life. But people are raving about this sequal so it must be better. Right?

Yahtzee you Charistmatic Stallion,
once again completely right.

I gotta say, it may have been quite a while ago (Orginal Xbox while ago...) that i played Gears 1, but when i finished the first level of Gears 2 i couldn't help but think its exactly what i experienced in the first game... that not much had changed... may have just been me though.

Keep up the epic reviews

This one was one of the funniest Zero Punctuation reviews of all time.

"...mother nature will drop rock walls out of the sky..."


This was one of Yahtzee's best game reviews. I liked the game but you know...After a few hours I was kinda like "Yeah OK, I've already done this scenario." Just like when I played Halo 3 and felt that it was all getting a little long in the tooth.

Too I didn't like the A.I. all that much. I mean what kind of capable military squad runs right out in front of your line of fire???

All in all the macho-man third person shooter is feeling mighty stale these days. I think game studios should take a break from post-armageddon first/third person shooters (except for Bioshock 2 of course) for awhile and try something else for a change.

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