Inside sources are claiming that Rockstar’s hotly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV release will miss its March release target, hitting shelves during the last week of April instead.

An MCV report claims that “senior industry sources” are saying the title will miss the Easter release period, when it was expected to launch, and instead will come out on the final week of Take Two’s second financial quarter. In its latest financial statement, the Rockstar parent company stated the game would be released during its Q2 period.

A Rockstar spokesman speaking to MCV said the company does not comment on “rumor and speculation.”

Meanwhile, Rockstar has dismissed reports of a new series of exclusive Xbox 360 episodes for the game that have been widely reported for arrival in 2009.

Responding to widespread reports of two new episodes coming for the system in 2009, the company told Next-Gen that the content in question is actually the second of the two Xbox 360-exclusive episodes that had already been announced. Both episodes were originally slated for release in 2008, but according the to Rockstar rep, the second entry will now be delayed until 2009.

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