Half-Life: Alyx, Valve, VR release date

Valve has given Half-Life: Alyx a release date for later next month. Valve originally set the game’s release window for March when the game was announced in November, but now we can expect to return to City 17 come March 23 specifically. The Half-Life developer shared the news on Twitter.

Valve shared more details on Half-Life: Alyx during a Reddit Q&A last month. Along with talking about how the game’s development has proceeded so far, the team talked about its tone, the decision to change the protagonist’s voice actress, and more.

If you’ve kept up with the build to Valve’s VR prequel, you’ll know that the studio has made almost the entire Half-Life collection free to play up until the game releases. We didn’t know exactly how much time that gave newcomers to jump in, but now, with the release date in mind, it means you’ve got just more than a month to play to your heart’s desire.

The Escapist’s Tyler Treese broke down how Half-Life: Alyx can be the first game to effectively bring VR into the mainstream. While Valve could have easily made its spinoff exclusive to Valve Index owners, he believes that the company is more interested in trying to “push forward the medium — and its profitability — as a whole.”


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