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Halo Infinite Cover Art Pays Homage to First Game, Reveals New Details

Halo Infinite reveal July Xbox 20/20 defines Halo brand survival and Xbox brand beyond Xbox Series X cover art Halo Infinite Box Art Pays Homage to Halo: Combat Evolved box art, new details like grappling hook

343 Industries has revealed the cover art for Halo Infinite, and veteran Halo fans should notice that it looks somewhat familiar. The cover art looks very similar to that of the first entry in the series, Halo: Combat Evolved, released back in November 2001 for the original Xbox. There are also some smaller details on Halo Infinite‘s cover that could hint at what to expect in the game.

On Master Chief’s left wrist looks to be a grappling hook. There were previous rumors about such a mechanic in the past, but it seems like it is a real possibility now. Additionally, zooming in closely into Master Chief’s visor, a reflection of what appears to be possibly Hyperius or Atriox of the Banished can be seen. 343 already teased the return of the Banished last month. The studio has also posted an animated version of the box art on Twitter.

Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase is dated for tomorrow, July 23, and will feature an hour-long presentation of only games. The first glimpse into Halo Infinite‘s campaign will be shown at this event.

Phil Spencer has also hinted that Halo Infinite will have a unique structure and will receive strong ongoing support after the game launches this holiday for both Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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