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High on Life DLC Trailer Reveals High on Knife as Eerie Add-on Content

High on Life DLC Trailer Reveals High on Knife as Eerie Add-On Content

Developer Squanch Games revealed a teaser trailer for its High on Life DLC, High on Knife, during 2023’s Xbox Games Showcase Extended. The content, which was first revealed a few months back, seems to tell a darker story in the game’s universe, or at least that’s what the video wants us to believe. The surprisingly scary footage sees the player wandering around cold, foggy environments while battling various spacey abominations.

Squanch shared more about the High on Life DLC in a press release. The studio says players can expect Knifey to take center stage in content that adds “characters, hazards, and spooky surprises.” One of these new characters is Harper, another talking gun voiced by Saturday Night Live‘s Sarah Sherman.

“This trailer shows off a portion of the DLC where we’re dropping players into a darker, scarier setting ruled over by a mysterious, goopy new boss named Mux (voiced by Gabourey Sidibe.),” Chief Creative Officer Mikey Spano said. “We’re also introducing two brand new guns: Harper is an ex-military pistol trying to overcome her past (voiced by Sarah Sherman) and B.A.L.L. is a pinball gun operated by a chaotic gaggle of little gibberish-speaking weirdos (“voiced” by Alec Robbins). You’ll need both of them as well as Knifey’s hyper-violent new upgrade to overcome the powerful, two-headed, laser-beam-blasting Bloat that hunts you in the dark. This is just a small slice of the DLC – there’s a ton more weird, funny, and surprising stuff we packed in that we think you’ll love so make sure to stay tuned!”

How the High on Life DLC fits in with the story of the original is unknown. We also don’t know if former Squanch member and controversial Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland had a hand in the add-on content’s development considering he left the studio this past January. Squanch hasn’t revealed a release date yet, but we can at least expect High on Knife to come to PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and Game Pass some time in the near future.

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