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How Long is the Main Story of Wild Hearts

How long is the main story of Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts is the latest action role-playing game in the monster hunting genre by Omega Force. The developer is no stranger to the genre having previously created the Toukiden games where you hunt demons. If you’re getting started with Wild Hearts you may be curious how long it will take to work your way through the game’s main story as monster hunting games are typically quite lengthy.

How Long Does it Take to Beat the Main Story in Wild Hearts?

Every monster hunting game typically has a main story campaign that spans a bunch of missions including hunting small monsters, large monsters, and even just gathering certain items. Wild Hearts follows this formula, and you’ll be spending your time completing a lot of missions.

According to HowLongToBeat, an average playthrough will take around 40 hours to complete the main story campaign in Wild Hearts. Playthroughs completing the main story plus some extra side missions would take around 42 hours, and a full completionist playthrough of the game in its entirety would set you back around 97 hours.

One of the main reasons for the length of the campaign isn’t actually because there is an excessive number of missions, but rather that hunting the large monsters, like the Ragetail Kemono, takes a fair bit of time. You’ll need to take the time to fight certain monsters several times to get the parts you need to craft better gear and weapons. If you don’t you’ll run into a wall trying to fight tougher enemies. Without having better armor you’ll struggle with the damage you’re taking in fights, and without better weapons you’ll take twice as long to complete your hunts.

That’s all there is to know about how long it will take you to beat the main story of Wild Hearts, make sure you take the time while playing through to craft better armor and weapons as you progress to ensure you have a smooth experience!

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