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How to Create a Solo Lobby in Payday 3

How to create a solo lobby Payday 3. This image shows a robber running with other robbers in the background.

Knowing how to create a solo lobby in Payday 3 is important if you’re sick of other players ruining your heists. It’s not something that everyone’s going to want to do, but if you’re tired after a long day and just don’t feel like communicating, but still feel like casing a joint, then knowing how to create a solo lobby in Payday 3 is going to let you do just that.

While many people will choose to play Payday 3 as a multiplayer game, and that’s definitely how it’s intended when you look at how intricate the maps are and how different the roles each player has to fill are, it’s not impossible to play on your own. There’s actually something quite enjoyable about managing to do nearly everything on your own, so let’s figure out what you need to know.

How to Create a Solo Lobby in Payday 3


In order to play on your own in Payday 3, you have to follow the same basic steps you need to take to play with your friends or only people you want to invite. First of all you choose a mission, then you just need to change the lobby to friends only or invite only. Friends only works fine if you know none of your online buddies will jump in without checking first, but if you want to be absolutely certain that nobody will find their way into your game, then we recommend sticking with invite only.

The one thing that’s worth mentioning here is that you will still be playing with AI companions. While it’s not quite the same as truly being on your own, the AI seems to be pretty good at going along with things and not actively messing up. And sometimes, that’s all you really need them to do. Just keep in mind that you’ve got nobody to blame but yourself if you end up failing the mission.

On the subject of failing, there’s been a fair few issues surrounding the launch of Payday 3. If you need help fixing the most coming issues, we’ve got you covered with these Payday 3 common errors and fixes, and we’ve got the answer if you end up finding the Payday 3 Nebula Login error as well. We’ve even got the answer on how to fix no network connection in Payday 3 too. Just follow our instructions, and you’ll be gaming again in no time whether that’s on your own or with your friends.

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