How to Get a Large Pot Fluxweed Stems are some of the most useful ingredients in Hogwarts Legacy: Here is how to find them in game, or grow them yourself.

How to Get a Large Pot in Hogwarts Legacy

Whether you’re brewing ingredients for a potion, or tending to Mandrakes, there’s plenty of plants to prune and gardens to grow in Hogwarts Legacy’s Herbology class. But while students will have access to smaller potting tables right away in Hogwarts Legacy, they will need to discover the larger pots to grow some of the most impressive foliage, and unlock some of the best potion items. And similarly, once they have the necessary ingredients, players will also use those large pots to brew bigger batches of various potions in the game. With so much versatility, large pots can be a huge asset to students in Hogwarts Legacy. So how do players get a large pot to make the most out of Herbology and Potions classes in Hogwarts Legacy?

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Getting the Large Pot in Hogwarts Legacy Is Simple but Pricey

To start your journey to getting a larger pot, you will first want to tackle the “Tomes and Tribulations” quest to unlock the Room of Requirement. This quest will allow you a space of your own in the castle, giving you a location to decorate, as well as create your own mythical garden of plants and brew the potions you’ll need on your adventures. At the start you will receive access to the smaller pots, but you can quickly gain access to the larger pots if you have enough Galleons.

From the Room of Requirement you will want to head towards Hogsmeade, using fast travel if you have it. Here you’ll make a stop in the Tomes and Scrolls shop, which will be the first building at the main Hogsmeade entrance. Talking to the shopkeeper here will give you the option to buy a large pot with a large potting table that will cost a hefty 1,000 Galleons. Keep in mind there are a number of ways to make cash quickly in Hogwarts Legacy if you need to earn more Galleons to proceed.

Once you’ve purchased the large pot, you can head back to the Room of Requirement to get started on using your large pot. You will want to use a Conjuring spell to look through your conjurable items, which is where the large pot will be once purchased. In the conjurable items menu, click on the Herbology icon and select the large plant icon which should be on the left side of the menu.

You’ll be able to select the style of the large potting table, just know that you’ll need 10 moonstones to conjure the basic one large pot table. There is an even bigger large potting table option with room for two large pots, though this will be more expensive to conjure at 30 moonstones. Once you’ve decided where to place it, leave the conjuring menu and you can now grow plants and brew potions in your large pot.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get a large pot in Hogwarts Legacy.

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