HTC’s new phone, due March 25th, leaks online.

HTC M8 Phone

HTC next flagship smartphone, codenamed “M8” will launch on March 25th, but an image of the phone has leaked online early.

The image, via evleaks, shows the M8 in a protective case. If authentic, the picture shows a physical button-free front, a sizable front camera in the upper-right corner, dual front speakers (top and bottom), and rounded edges similar to 2013’s HTC One. It also shows transparent function buttons on the screen, laid over the BlinkFeed graphic.

Whether the picture is authentic or not, it doesn’t change HTC’s launch plans. The M8 will have a launch event on March 25th in London and New York, where the device will be shown off, specs will be confirmed, and we will get pricing and carrier information.

The HTC One, the company’s previous flagship device, was a critical success with lower-than-expected sales results. HTC reported a net profit of $10 million in Q4 2013, but a net loss of roughly $100 million preceded it in Q3.

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