Human Torch to Play Captain America?


Rumors are buzzing around suggesting that an actor has been chosen to play Captain America, one who will be fairly familiar to Marvel movie fans.

If you’ve seen the Fantastic Four movies, then you’ll probably recognize Chris Evans, as he played Johnny Storm, AKA The Human Torch. The current rumor is however, that Evans has been offered the part of Captain America in the 2011 movie, ending months of speculation over who would play one of Marvel’s premier heroes.

The deal is said to include three Captain America movies, plus the Avengers film and likely cameos in other movies as well. The rumors are currently unconfirmed either by Marvel or by Evan’s representatives.

Personally, it doesn’t sit well with me that Evans is to play Steve Rogers, given his still fairly recent turn as The Human Torch; it would be like Kirsten Dunst playing the Black Widow or James Marsden playing Daredevil. But compared to the millions that Marvel must be hoping will see the movie, comic book fans – the type of people who are going to care about this sort of thing – are a fairly small minority, so it’s best not to count it out just yet.

Source: THR via io9

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