Indian Government Uses Comic Book to Scare Kids From Piracy


The Indian government is hoping to reduce internet piracy by distributing a comic book to kids throughout the country.

Bollywood has had enough of this newfangled internet piracy jazz, and is hoping to teach kids the dangers of downloading movies without paying for them while they’re young. The Indian government’s new Bollywood-Hollywood anti-piracy coalition recently announced the nationwide launch of a comic book called Escape from Terror Byte City that attempts to show kids why piracy is a bad idea.

Escape from Terror Byte City is a New Zealand comic that will be translated into Hindi, Marathi and English for distribution across India. The government is targeting children aged 5 to 10 and has plans to carpet bomb schools, malls, and multiplexes with 10,000 copies of the officially government endorsed book. The Motion Picture Dist. Association of India hopes to eventually have the comic in every Indian school.

Escape from Terror Byte City imparts the epic tale of two young, innocent boys that download Transformers without transferring funds to the official owner, producer, or distributor of the intellectual property. Due to their criminal act, they get trapped in the virtual Terror Byte City where weird little demons tempt them to download more illegal goods. There, they meet a magical internet security knight who tells them the errors of their ways. He then gives the children superpowers and they disinfect the entire internet.

Rather than educating kids about the illegalities of internet piracy, Escape from Terror Byte City warns/scares them about the dangers of viruses, trojans, and the possibility of outsiders gaining access to personal information. The comic can be read online here. Remember kids, don’t download movies unless you want to get sucked into a computer to become an awesome virtual internet knight.

Via: Bleeding Cool

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