Is The Slinky Escalator Humanity’s Greatest Achievement?


Inventor Matthias Wandel has unveiled his Slinky escalator, for “never-ending slinky stair traversal.”

Well, it seems we have a clear front-runner for invention of the year, and we’re just half way through. Matthias Wandel, popular inventor, carpenter, and all-around Da-Vinci-esque guy, has crafted the endless slinky staircase.

The slinky, of course, is a well-known toy created in the 1940s that takes the shape of a flexible helical spring. Among its many mesmerizing properties is the habit of somersaulting down staircases. That is pretty nifty and all, but the fun ends when the slinky hits the bottom step – until Matthias came along, anyway.

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In his Youtube video, Mr. Wandel shows off his though process going into the design of the staircase, as well its construction:

Though he started off using the motor of an electric drill to power the staircase, it wasn’t reliably hitting exactly the speed he wanted. “The crank made it easier to control,” he says. “And more fun.”

The gallery below shows more detail of the work-in-progress:

I want one.

In this video, the Canadian inventor extraordinaire shows off his personal best: a 140-step slinky journey.


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