iScavenger: Metro Redux Series Now Available For Mac


1.5 million copies sold, and still going strong.

Put your hands up, Mac gamers!

[Squints really hard] I…I think I see one of you out in The Escapist crowd? Well, good news, if you’re actually here!

4A Games and Deep Silver today released the Metro Redux series for Mac. With the announcement, Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux are now available on all three major computer platforms (Linux included), as well as the PS4, and Xbox One.

The Mac release comes via Steam, so both 2033 and Last Light are now fully SteamPlay compatible.

Deep Silver also confirmed that the Metro Redux series has now sold 1.5 million copies worldwide since its release in May 2014. If you played Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light at any point before the Redux release, the latter includes all the available DLC, as well as a number of graphics enhancements. (All of which come with the console versions as well.)

“…4A Games have created one of the benchmarks by which other re-masters will be judged…and we look forward to reaching a whole new audience on Mac.,” said Deep Silver’s Menno Van der Bil.

Metro: Last Light Redux is still a favorite among the PC hardware benchmarking crowd, so it’s worth a look if you’re a DIY PC enthusiast. You can also read our review of Last Light here.

Source: Deep Silver

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