Jaffe: Games Industry Needs to Get Over Itself


Never one to mince words, David Jaffe is sick of the “artsy fartsy” in the gaming industry.

In his trademark direct style, David Jaffe has called out the gaming industry for trying too hard to be artistic. Speaking on Twitter, he said that gameplay was his focus, and that he was tired of the pretentious attitudes of some game makers.

“… Reality is, we work for the gamer and we want them as happy as they can be. We will push as hard as we can to get it perfect for every gamer until the time has simply run out,” said Jaffe, in reply to a fan’s comment that gameplay was more more important than art. “That said, I agree… SO F*CKING SICK of artsy fartsy in this industry. Get f*cking over yourselves bitches.”

Jaffe later said that there was a difference between the “artsy fartsy” games he hated so much and games that were actually artistic. He named Flower and Ico as two of his favorite games, and added: “…when a genuine artistic game comes along, I fall in love with it. Just hate the posers.”

Source: Destructoid

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