Producer Motoi Okamoto explains that Konami is seeking more developers to make new future Silent Hill games as partners: Pitch your ideas!

The future of Silent Hill is brighter than it has been in a long time, and Konami has no intention of letting the franchise go dormant again. In a recent deep-dive interview with IGN, series producer Motoi Okamoto said Konami is interested in supporting more Silent Hill games from more developers.

He said, “There’s only so much we can do ourselves, which means we need to work with lots of different indie creators if we want to make lots of different Silent Hills.” That ambition is what has already led the team to partner with Bloober Team for a remake of Silent Hill 2, No Code for Silent Hill: Townfall, NeoBards for Silent Hill f, and a collective of developers for Silent Hill: Ascension, as well as other projects “that never actually got off the ground.”

However, that seems to be just the beginning. Okamoto continued: “I think the number of projects we have will only continue to grow. The fact we were reviving Silent Hill was a secret until now, so we couldn’t exactly go out and yell, ‘Hey, everyone! Bring us your Silent Hill projects!’ We can do that now, so if creators from around the world who love Silent Hill bring us their pitches, I promise to look through every one of them.”

In the interview, Okamoto also reiterated that the Silent Hill 2 remake will be the first of these new projects to release. The purpose of that decision is to reestablish the franchise identity as “true psychological horror.” He and fellow interviewees artist Masahiro Ito and composer Akira Yamaoka spoke at length about the remake and how Bloober Team is respecting the original while updating it for today.

In addition to making the games and seeking new development partners to make future games, Konami is also working with director Christophe Gans again for a new film called Return to Silent Hill.

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