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Silent Hill: Townfall Announced by Annapurna Interactive & No Code

Silent Hill: Townfall announcement teaser trailer Konami Annapurna Interactive No Code Transmission new game

Konami, publisher Annapurna Interactive, and developer No Code have shared the announcement teaser trailer for Silent Hill: Townfall at the Silent Hill Transmission showcase. No Code creative director Joe McKellen appeared to express how big of fans they are of the Silent Hill franchise, but it will be a while before we see more of the game. Indeed, the truth is we know almost nothing about this game. Konami added that it plans to expand its partnerships “in the future with equally talented teams,” so there will be more collaborations where this one with Annapurna and No Code came from.

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Check out the Silent Hill: Townfall teaser trailer below, though it is a teaser in the truest sense. Someone is asked why they are where they are, and the answer is apparently that they’re there “to be punished.” That sucks. But then there is speculation that there is more to it than that. And the teaser only contains a couple visuals in it, namely, beach waves and a pocket television. Mysterious.

No Code is the developer of Stories Untold and Observation, to give you a frame of reference for what caught Konami’s eye. Silent Hill: Townfall has no release window or confirmed platforms yet, so hopefully cool images and cryptic dialogue are enough to pique your interest in the meantime.

For further announcements at the Silent Hill Transmission today, check out the reveal of the Silent Hill 2 remake from Bloober Team, the new game Silent Hill f from NeoBards Entertainment, the real-time Genvid project Silent Hill: Ascension, and the movie Return to Silent Hill.

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