New footage of unannounced remake surfaces.

Microsoft hasn’t admitted that they’re working on a remastered Gears of War for the Xbox One console yet, but it seems like a foregone conclusion at this point. A pair of newly uncovered videos reportedly show footage recorded of a development build. The two brief clips were originally uploaded to a video sharing site which automatically downloads and posts videos its users record on their Xbox One.

Those videos have since been taken down, but not before others were able to download copies and distribute them elsewhere.

The two clips have been recorded from multiplayer sessions and come from two different players, one controlling Marcus and the other a Locust. Both are short (under twenty seconds each) and only the players making the recordings are active on screen. It’s unclear if both videos were recorded during the same game session, but they do share the same build number, as indicated by a text overlay.

While there is always the possibility that these are the best produced fakes in recent history, it’s far more likely that this is concrete proof of a remake many have probably already believed was inevitable. Assuming that the game is real, its announcement will almost certainly be a part of the Xbox E3 Briefing event, which takes place at 12:30 pm ET on June 15.

Source: NeoGAF

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