Learn to Properly Season McDonald’s Fries on Your DS


Now we can see in motion how McDonald’s is training employees to properly season fries with the Nintendo DS.

About a month ago, McDonald’s revealed its plans to train Japanese employees using the Nintendo DS. Now, Bloomberg has produced a report on the new method that shows the fast food chain’s DS training game in action.

But before i get into that, I just want to ask: why is it so hard for people on the news to pronounce videogame technologies properly? The woman here seems to have no clue, calling the Nintendo DS “the NSDS or something?” It makes her look plain foolish. Would you call the iPod the zPong? No. Fire that woman, Bloomberg.

Ranting aside, we can now see that players of the training software, called eSmart, have to assemble burgers, cook fries, and learn how to properly clean a workstation. Though it looks easy, Bloomberg’s more informed correspondent says that you must get all of the steps correct or it won’t “let you shake your fries” and such. Working at McDonald’s is apparently getting more complicated lately, and the training software is meant to ease the pain of learning.

A representative from McDonald’s says that those training on the DS learn twice as quickly and can concentrate more on communication and confidence skills rather than worrying about messing up a McRib all day. The other cool part about the training is that it’s apparently played on a McDonald’s-branded DSi, which I’m sure is really neat to any kids in the McDonald’s family.

I feel like this type of program would really help someone like me as I learn better by doing than reading or being told. It’s also quite nerve-wracking when a manager is standing over your shoulder and whipping you with a switch when you leave the fries in for too long. eSmart would help to teach the exact steps that go into each McDonald’s activity, but without the consequences of a yelling manager or irate customer. On the other hand, maybe those should be part of eSmart as well, to truly prepare employees. If Ronald McDonald called me a stupid s**t every time I made a mistake, it would be more like a real day at McDonald’s.

(Via: Kotaku)

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