Mario Party 3 Comes to Nintendo Switch Online This Week Expansion Pack Nintendo 64

Mario Party 3 Comes to Nintendo Switch Online This Week

Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack owners will be treated to Nintendo 64’s group game classic, Mario Party 3, when it comes to the subscription service on October 27, 2023. Nintendo announced the latest addition to the collection with a trailer that highlights the entry’s many boards and mini-games.

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This Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack version of Mario Party 3 supports online play for those hoping to rage against their friends on other consoles, but there’s plenty more that makes this particular entry special. Waluigi, for example, joined the roster and even brought his own board, Waluigi’s Island, with him. This game also served as Daisy’s introduction to the party game spinoff’s list of playable characters. Players can take control of these two icons when going head-to-head with over 70 different mini-games, including classic distractions like Tick Tock Hop, Eatsa Pizza, Vine With Me, Eye Sore, Picture Imperfect, and Snowball Summit. Better yet, Mario Party 3 features the series’ first-ever story mode.

“Sporting the first Story mode in the Mario Party franchise – complete with a quest to become the top Superstar in the universe! – along with six game boards bursting with variety,” Nintendo said in a press release, “the introduction of Duel mode, a host of newly added items and the addition of the bow-tie sporting Game Guy, Mario Party 3 has savoir faire and good times to spare.”

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The inclusion of Mario Party 3 means that Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack players now have access to the first three Mario Party titles. The best part is that Nintendo shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to adding fan-favorite titles to its online subscription service. In July alone, the company added The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons to the service’s lineup of Game Boy titles. Then, in August, Nintendo 64 fans gained access to Pokémon Stadium 2. While we wait for Nintendo to announce more games, you can watch the Mario Party 3 Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack trailer below.

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