Minecraft Digs Up Cross-Play For Windows 10 And Pocket Editions


Minecraft: Windows 10 and Pocket Edition players can soon build grand castles and dig endless mines together.

Much like your favorite block world, Minecraft is one of those rare concepts that never stops growing – even spinning off into a Telltale Games series. So what could Minecraft do now that stands out from all its impressive prior updates? How about adding cross-play between PC and mobile devices? A new patch for Minecraft: Pocket Edition allows five friends to join Windows 10 Edition games – even from Android and iOS platforms.

The feature arrives with Minecraft: Pocket Edition‘s 0.12.1 update, adding cross-play for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices. All players must connect via a local network, but otherwise have shared access to all features, including those lovely infinite worlds. Meanwhile, Minecraft: Windows 10 players can now connect with friends on Xbox Live, although whether mobile players can at the same time isn’t clear.

But that’s not all: Minecraft: Pocket Edition players will get controller support, revamped touch controls, and a controller mapping screen. 0.12.1 even adds all the weather effects from the Windows 10 version, including directional rain and accumulating snow. Oh, plus you’ll be able to sneak, sprint, and visit the Nether for the first time.

It was already great that most of Minecraft‘s versions were still supported, but being able to play together? That’s just the icing on a lovely block cake. Minecraft: Pocket Edition is available through each mobile device’s digital store, while the Windows 10 Beta is on the Windows 10 Store – or free, if you already have the PC version.


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