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Monopoly GO All You Can Win Rewards, Milestones, & Free Dice Rolls

The Monopoly GO All You Can Win event is officially here for a limited time, and as part of it, players can win a ton of different milestone rewards, including free dice rolls and other prizes.

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In this comprehensive guide, we’re going to take you through all the milestone rewards that you can win, along with our best strategy for getting the most prizes that you can. So with that in mind, let’s start rolling!

All Monopoly GO All You Can Win Rewards, Milestones, & Prizes

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We’ve compiled a list of all the milestone rewards that you can win in the Monopoly GO All You Can Win event, including Peg-E tokens, cash, sticker packs, and a possible total of 16,310 dice rolls. Below is every milestone reward and the points needed to earn them.

Milestone LevelPoints NeededReward
125 PointsGreen Sticker Pack
220 Points5 Tokens
340 Points25 Dice Rolls
445 PointsCash
5150 Points90 Dice Rolls
640 Points7 Tokens
750 PointsRent Frenzy Boost (15 Min)
855 PointsGreen Sticker Pack
965 PointsCash
10375 Points220 Dice Rolls
1160 Points12 Tokens
1275 PointsCash
1390 PointsGreen Sticker Pack
1480 Points15 Tokens
15100 PointsCash Grab Boost (10 Min)
16850 Points475 Dice Rolls
17100 PointsGolden Sticker Pack
18110 Points17 Tokens
19120 Points50 Dice Rolls
20115 Points25 Tokens
211,300 Points700 Dice Rolls
22150 PointsPink Sticker Pack
23160 PointsCash
24175 Points35 Tokens
25200 PointsCash
262,000 Points900 Dice Rolls
27275 PointsBlue Sticker Packs
28300 PointsHigh Roller Boost (10 Min)
29325 Points50 Tokens
30400 Points100 Dice Rolls
311,600 PointsCash
32450 Points150 Dice Rolls
33500 Points60 Tokens
34650 PointsCash
35750 PointsCash Boost (5 Min)
364,500 Points1,800 Dice Rolls
37800 Points90 Tokens
38900 PointsCash
391,000 PointsBlue Sticker Pack
401,500 PointsCash
4110,000 Points3,500 Dice Rolls
421,600 PointsMagenta Sticker Pack
431,700 PointsHigh Roller Boost (20 Min)
441,800 Points150 Tokens
457,000 PointsCash
462,000 Points800 Dice Rolls
473,000 PointsMagenta Sticker Pack
483,500 Points170 Tokens
494,000 PointsCash
5017,500 Points7,500 Dice Rolls, Sticker Pack

How Long the All You Can Win Event Lasts in Monopoly GO

The Monopoly GO All You Can Win event takes place from 11 AM ET on May 9 to May 11, 2024. This gives fans 48 hours to complete as many milestone levels as possible.

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Best Strategy for Winning Points in Monopoly GO All You Can Win

Monopoly GO All You Can Win milestone rewards are earned by gathering points. In this solo challenge, players will need to land on the Chance, Community Chest, and Railroad tiles. I am a big fan of these events, as you can get a ton of points on Railroad tiles, and it also contributes to leaderboard challenges occurring alongside the solo challenge.

To get points quickly during this challenge, set your Monopoly GO dice modifier higher when you’re within 6-8 squares of a Railroad, which increases your chances of winning big, since you’ll get points for both the event and the ongoing tournament. Otherwise, because the Peg-E event is coinciding with the event, you’ll want to make sure you’re using your Prize Drop Chips to get as much as you can from that. Minigames are key to winning at Monopoly GO, and they should be part of your strategy for winning points in All You Can Win

How to Get Free Dice Rolls in Monopoly GO

Getting Peg-E tokens from milestone rewards takes plenty of dice rolls in Monopoly GO. To earn a decent supply of rolls, log on daily to complete Quick Wins, wrap up your sticker collections via trades, and finish milestone levels in solo and leaderboard challenges. Free dice rolls can also be collected via free codes. To help you find every code, check out our free dice rolls article, which updates daily with the newest giveaways.

If you’re looking for more, check out our article covering all current and present Monopoly GO events, tournaments, games, and some FAQs. The game is available now on mobile.

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