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Monopoly GO Property Prodigies Rewards, Milestones, & Free Dice Rolls

The most recent minigame has ended, and Monopoly GO players are returning to regular earnings in the Property Prodigies milestone rewards. This selection of prizes features dice rolls, sticker packs, and plenty of cash.

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All Monopoly GO Property Prodigies Rewards & Prizes

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The sticker battles are on in Monopoly GO as players race to finish their first set of Making Music collections. The best way to get the missing stickers for these sets is by earning sticker packs. Thankfully, Property Prodigies has plenty of packs for us to grab when the milestone level is completed, as well as a total of 5,465 dice rolls. I know I am crossing my fingers for Monopoly Tunes or Sweet Duets, as they are keeping me from a couple of complete collections. Below are all the Property Prodigiey milestone rewards in Monopoly GO.

Milestone LevelPoints NeededReward
140 Points40 Dice Rolls
260 PointsGreen Sticker Pack
390 Points70 Dice Rolls
4120 PointsHigh Roller Boost (5 Min)
5120 Points80 Dice Rolls
6150 PointsCash
7170 PointsGold Sticker Pack
8150 PointsMega Heist Boost (15 Min)
9180 PointsPink Sticker Pack
10230 Points150 Dice Rolls
11330 PointsCash
12360 PointsBlue Sticker Pack
13450 Points250 Dice Rolls
14400 PointsCash
15500 PointsCash Boost (10 Min)
16650 Points400 Dice Rolls
17700 PointsBlue Sticker Pack
18650 PointsCash
19900 Points575 Dice Rolls
20925 PointsCash
211,200 PointsBlue Sticker Pack
221,400 Points700 Dice Rolls
23750 PointsHigh Roller Boost (10 Min)
241,450 PointsCash
251,700 Points800 Dice Rolls
261,550 PointsCash
271,850 Points1,000 Dice Rolls
281,100 PointsMega Heist Boost (25 Min)
292,000 PointsCash
303,200 Points1,400 Dice Rolls

How to Play Property Prodigies in Monopoly GO

As with all Leaderboard challenges, Property Prodigies milestone rewards are earned by gathering points after participating in a Shutdown or Hiest. These are triggered by landing on Railroad tiles around the Monopoly GO board. Remember, the higher the roll modifier you use, the better the rewards, with Heists coming out on top for level grinding. If you can keep that modifier between 5-10, you’ll get plenty of points to go towards those milestone levels.

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When The Property Prodigies Event Ends in Monopoly GO?

The Property Prodigies event in Monopoly GO begins at 4 PM ET on April 20, 2024, and will end on April 21. This gives players a total of 24 hours to obtain all the available milestone rewards.

How to Get Free Dice Rolls in Monopoly GO

Players looking to come out on top in Monopoly GO leaderboard challenges must get bundles of dice rolls. To do this, participate in ongoing challenges, finish the Quick Wins, wrap sticker collections, and collect free dice roll codes to climb to first place. To stockpile the rolls needed, check out our free dice rolls article, which updates daily with the newest codes.

If you’re looking for more, check out our article covering all current and present Monopoly GO events, tournaments, games, and some FAQs. The game is available now on mobile.

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