MumboJumbo Acquires Ritual


Publisher MumboJumbo has acquired Ritual Entertainment.

Casual game publisher and developer MumboJumbo has purchased Ritual Entertainment, the developer behind the popular SiN Episodes. MumboJumbo’s acquisition of Ritual’s 30-person staff coincides with its recent move into larger markets on home consoles and handheld games.

Ron Dimant left his position as CEO of Ritual in 2001 to found MumboJumbo. “MumboJumbo established the casual games category at retail, and the purchase of Ritual Entertainment is consistent with our strategy to bring high-quality casual game content to the major platforms. The combination of Ritual’s high-end, multi-platform expertise and our own industry-leading publishing model will set the bar for quality and sophistication in casual games and create a major industry powerhouse.”

Mark Cottam, CEO of MumboJumbo, discussed the direction of Ritual’s popular SiN series. “If there’s an opportunity to have them do something on the SiN episodes, we would look at that, but that will not be the focus of the company. The combined companies will focus exclusively on casual, unless opportunities present themselves that we think are strategic from a business standpoint.”

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