Netflix to Reboot 1980s Popples Cartoon Series


Saban to relaunch 80s stuffed animal cartoon on Netflix

Saban Brands is back in a big way with its revamped Power Rangers big on TV and a new movie on the way. But for their next big revival, they’re going way back: Reviving the 1980s kiddie plush-toy cartoon The Popples as a Netflix-exclusive series.

Created in 1985 by many of the same folks who developed the Care Bears, Popples were essentially teddy bears crossed with Transformers that could roll into balls (and then “pop out”) via a pouch on their backs. Later versions included Sports Popples whose “disguised” forms resembles footballs, soccer balls, etc.

The new Netflix venture will be animated and include a 22 episode initial-order. The toys previously inspired a two-season Saturday morning cartoon and one live-action special with Shelly Duvall. In both versions, The Popples were magical creatures who lived with human children and tried to help them with their day-to-day problems. The reboot will reportedly feature a new status-quo involving a Popple-inhabited city of Popplopolis and new main characters named Bubbles, Sunny, Lulu, Izzy and Yikes.

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